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Europe-Park is desperately looking for staff – also in Eastern Europe


After the clash in May last year, Rust Amusement Park had a new problem: the lack of skilled workers!

With more than five million visitors per year, Europa-Park in Rust is one of the 25 largest theme parks in the world. But obviously there are only those who want to work. More than 700 new jobs will be filled by the largest employer in the southern district for the next summer season – and everything is on the hot side. Because the company has major difficulties in finding skilled workers. Unskilled staff is also not in line.

Only new projects create more than 550 new jobs. Hotel Kronasar with a capacity of 1300 guests will be open in mid-May 2019. 250 rooms in the room and gastronomy were still missing. In the autumn, there follows the giant waterworld "Rulantica" on the surface of 450,000 square meters (Blick reports). The park is still looking for 300 employees for a new attraction.

The office is open in Slovakia

"With regional workers alone, we can no longer satisfy our needs. That's why, for many years now, we have expanded the space in which we employ workers, "explains Mathias Kirch, Head of Personnel at Europa-Park," Badische Zeitung. "

Days of investors in the company that have been implemented by Europa-Park for six years and the so-called visits to Germany are quite modest. The German amusement park is now turning to Eastern Europe. He is looking for employees in the Bulgarian and Hungarian agencies, and six months ago he established an office in the north of Slovakia. They want to work with local school hotels.

After a fire a new sticky problem

On May 26, 2018, the fire plates of the "Fjord rafting" flare up. During the devastating fire, large sections of the Dutch and Scandinavian thematic areas were completely destroyed along with the popular Pirates on the Batavia railway.

Visitors were evacuated

It's burning in Europa Park

When the fire broke out, there were up to 25,000 visitors in the park. The plant was evacuated after an outbreak of fire. At that time there were more than 500 firefighters in action (Blick reports). The damage is in millions. For the forthcoming summer season, Europa-Park now has a new problem: lack of staff.

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