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Duro debakl: Now the engine fails – SonntagsZeitung


A complete rebuilding of the 25-year-old Duro war vehicle was under a bad star from the beginning: In 2016, Armasuisse armed forces asserted that the 2220 Duro was restored 212 to # 000 francs per piece, even though it was only 170 & # 39 ;. 000 francs costs. The order for the reconstruction of half a billion francs was dedicated to a factory plant in Thurgau Mowag. The call was never completed. The project was very controversial. It was agreed that Mowag rehabilitates 48 Duro per month.

Research shows that Mowag has recently rebuilt a tenth of 2220 vehicles. And: She did not deliver a single vehicle for ten months. Reason for stopping: Armasuisse and Mowag have selected a new special engine of a small Austrian engine manufacturer Steyr Motors for the revised Duro. A company owned by Chinese investors had to file bankruptcy at the end of last year. The renovation of Duro had to be stopped.

Armasuisse was informed only under the pressure of the media

Martin Sonderegger, who was already looking for a new engine at that time, was happy in February that the renewal could continue, and the engines would be re-delivered. The problem was solved. Reason for optimism: the Austrian bankruptcy administrator has aroused the hope that interested parties who will soon buy a car builder in bankruptcy will be interested. Just: an anniversary message turned out to be a naïve misconception. Search for a buyer for Steyr Motors continues today. That is why the reconstruction of the Duro has been blocked to date.

Over the past few weeks, they have found that they need a new engine supplier. According to research by the magazine, Mowag has received bids from several engine manufacturers and has selected the Fiat engine. Armasuisse and Mowag wanted to keep it. Upon request, they announced this week that they would be notified within two weeks. When SonntagsZeitung made it clear that they would publish the survey, Armasuisse started offensive and informed the public on Friday of delivery of delivery and engine problems.

Even late, more expensive

However, with the change of supplier Armasuisse and Mowag only create new problems. Because the installation of the second engine should change the concept of driving, as explained by the technique involved. In addition, long-running driving tests are required. It will use money and more time. Internal participants count with a delay of at least half a year. Armasuisse already acknowledges that there will be further delays in delivery. Whether the new engine is successful is uncertain. There are extensive tests. Another problem: in 215 vehicles that were completely rebuilt a year ago, the new Steyr engine had to be replaced one year ago with a new refurbished engine, so the army does not need to run two spare parts stores.

Just because of the engine, additional costs of 3,500 francs per vehicle per vehicle are generated, namely 7,7 million francs. These additional expenditures are financed by taxpayers' money. Armasuisse writes that it will not exceed the approved maximum loan of CHF 558 million. And Mowag must pay a penalty. Their height is not mentioned.

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