Destiny 2 – The start of Season 5 is set, Black Armory with the new Raid


The fifth season of Destiny 2 begins on November 27th. Soon after, the next DLC will be released.The fifth season of Destiny 2 begins on November 27th. Soon after, the next DLC will be released.

Season 5, The Blacksmith season, Destiny 2 is about to start soon. She came with herself Update 2.1.0 on November 27th start and connect directly to the end of the season 4. Also, now are the first data on the next DLC annual transition: The Black Armory.

Black weapons will be on December 4th shown. The content of the DLC will gradually follow up to March 5 during season 5. In addition to the simultaneous armory you get with the DLC, you also get access to the new activity "Los Forges", a new raid, exotic weapons, additional guests and further triumphs and collections.

This changes in Gambit

The developer is particularly proud of the addition of Destiny 2 Forsaken due to the way Gambit participates. In season 5, there will be some changes. These include, in particular, improvements in quality of life and, of course, correction of errors:

gambit elimination

  • You receive twice as many shameful points as before for all prizes
  • A number of daily and weekly challenges can now be completed faster and easier than before
  • There is a new reward in the Daily Rotation, for which you have to kill the Raptor Envoy

Shame Awards

  • If you get into a subdivision, you will now receive the legendary Gambit's weapon as a reward

The original catching mechanics

  • Teams who invite their first-class second can only get catch-up from Primeval Slayer. Previously, the catch team can get more than one bunch at a time. For example, if the lead team had 7 coupons, the other got four, with its call.

Ascendant Primeval

  • Ascendant Primeval does not always reward the right team after his death. This error has been corrected.

Resetting the ski season

It is still time to complete the achievements of the season from 4 to 27 November. Then the lines are reset and the unfinished victories are completely removed. But there are some things that will stay with you.

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These include Smelt Yard weapon kettles – "Redrix" Broadsword "," Moon "and" Do not forget "- as well as triumphs and tasks that require you to reach certain goals in a specific season.

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