Saturday , July 24 2021

BioWare could again play a clean single game

With BioWare, we do not rule out that someone develops again as a pure single game, as it did before.


One has the impression that Electronic Arts wants to escape pure games for single players. At the same time, BioWare makes four players based on playing games, such as an anthem. Nevertheless, BioWare does not exclude that in the future they will re-develop clean single-player playlets.

LiveWare, Chad Robertson, did not want to exclude such a refund: "I think everything is possible. […] In my opinion, it depends on what individual developers want to do and what matches the type of game. Does it work better than one game for a multiplayer game? "

According to Chad Robertson, a great idea can take many forms. When you think of BioWare for the next game, look at each idea and evaluate it accordingly. If you want to create something, you could again be a classic singleplayer game.

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