Battlefield V: Tank Storm, Training Ground & Sea: First DLC Content Dated!


At the launch of the Deluxe Edition Battlefield V, the DICE developer recently began to live the flow, during which the first content after the release was dated.

Soon after the release of Battlefield V you will be able to look forward to the first new content for the first person shooter. DICE has now announced in detail to launch the title.

Starting from December 4th, the first new content will be created. On Tuesday you can look forward to publishing a map focusing on the "Panzerstorm" reservoir; In the live stream, the first scenes from maps inhabited in Belgium were displayed. The map is developed in cooperation with DICE LA.

On the same day the exercise, which receives the exercise "exercise range" in the game. The shooting range is much higher than in Battlefield 4 and allows you to use all weapons and vehicles in the shooter to try the dummies quietly. This way, you can learn about all the properties of weapons and power in a safe environment. In addition, you can compete against AI in the air. But that's just the beginning, according to DICE, and we expect more features, options and options based on feedback from players.

The third feature, which will be available on December 4, is the ability to adapt the vehicles. Last but not least, "The Last Tiger" also contains the final section of War Stories on this event.

Then it continues on December 6, when the first chapter of the "Tide of War" begins. The "Overture" will integrate a new system of progress that will bring its own cosmetic products, challenges and missions.

Battlefield V – An external military story

Lars Gustavson and Eric Holmes from DICE give you more insights into the background of Battlefield V's war in this video.


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