Audi e-tron Tesla Supercharger stationAudi E-Tron blocks the Tesla Supercharger station.Multimedia YouTube / BALL

two photographs on Twitter and a video on YouTube show how to stand and block Tesla Supercharger charging stations in front of the Audi E-Tron car. The charging stations are only compatible with Tesla vehicles.

Tweets and videos were released between February and May. two more photographs, which were released on Twitter in April, show E-Tron, which is parked near the Tesla charging station. In addition, the Audi poster is also installed next to the charging station.

While the tweet shows the charging station in Brescia in Italy, other tweets do not know where the charging stations are. However, some tweets are written in German.

Audi spokesman said that the German author is responsible for the promotion. "This was the unique marketing campaign of one of our German dealers. All Audi sellers are sole proprietors"so the spokesman.

Audi launched E-Tron this year. ADAC has a range of 300 to 400 kilometers, five seats and costs 79,900 euros. The Tesla SUV, named Model X, can accommodate up to seven passengers and has, according to "Autobild""The maximum reach of 565 kilometers. The price is 90,400 euros for the X Longrange model.