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After the Castlevania video franchise created an animated Netflix series, Adi Shankar now has rights to "Devil May Cry".

Capcom Entertainment

Based on the eponymous video series of the Netflix series of the "Castlevania" series, they have so strongly complained that it was extended to issue the second season before issuing another. This was also prompted by producer Adi Shankar has granted franchise rights to the video game "Devil May Cry" Capcom, to which the animated series has now been created, This was announced by Shankar in an interview IGN,

Both series will play in their so-called "Bootleg Universe". That means Shankar left open. "Interpret what you want there"she's still hiding. In any case, he himself acquired the rights to "Devil May Cry" "So the idiots in Hollywood can not be confused." A small side impact in the direction of "Resident Evil", which also comes from actors Capcom and Hollywood and director Paul W.S. Anderson was not exactly tailored to the original?

The story of "Devil May Cry"

At the heart of the video game series is Dante, the son of a demon and an angel woman. As a result, she is endowed with supernatural abilities. In the first part of 2001, he tried to prevent them from opening the door to the underworld and cutting through the hordes of demons for this purpose and always carrying two large pistols and a large demonic sword.

Unfortunately, Shankar did not reveal anything about the plot, the characters involved, or even the target group for the public. though we can probably assume that "Devil May Cry" will also be published on Netflix.


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