According to Christchurch: Even the Swiss neo-Nazis are rushlessly rush


They are armed and ready for violence, but they are barely under control, unlike Islamists: hundreds of Swiss. The assassination in Christchurch shows how deadly this is.

For many years, the killer from Christchurch has sent warning signs. In his profile on Facebook he published fantasies about the killing of migrants and magnificent fascists. He was nevertheless granted a gun license, and he was also allowed to buy semi-automatic rifles. On March 15, he attacked two mosques and shot 50 Muslims.

Why was this man under the radar of the security organs? Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern acknowledged: "We are too unilaterally focused on Islamic terror."

That raises the question: is Switzerland on the right? Research raises doubts. Hundreds of xenophobes in Germany on Facebook are uncontrollably faster, some even celebrating the terrorist attack in Christchurch.

Xenophobia is armed

Like T. S. *, the head of the Basel Right-wing National Orientierte Schweizer (Pnos). He wrote on Facebook about an Australian assassin under the fake name: "If there were more like him, we would win and save our people."

Swiss xenophobes are armed, violent and, unlike Islamists, are not in the center of government. In addition, the Federal Intelligence Service (NDB) is legally prohibited to monitor right-wing extremists.

The reason for this is the Swiss specialty: the federal government strictly separates terrorist activities from the violence of violence. Distinction that other countries can not reach.

The intelligence service must not be monitored by the Nazis

In practice, this means that an armed Islamist who impresses on the terrorist militant Islamic State (IS) on Facebook can call the phone, open mail or spy on a computer. The actions of Islamists are defined as terrorist.

Neo-Nazi with a swastika with a swastika posing with a machine gun and rave of Utoya assassin Anders Breivik, but NDB may not be accompanied. He is classified as a violent extremist.

In a simple English language: the right-wing extremist can not be a terrorist for the federal government. That this assumption was a fatal mistake, it did not become clear to the Christchurch massacre.

Not only does the legal basis prevent sufficient control over the extreme right-wing scene, but also the fact that the NDB is unilaterally oriented towards the Islamists. The Swiss secret services have systematically monitored and registered radical Muslims in recent years. In order to prevent terrorism, the NDB leads the list of so-called risky people, and in the social media, they conduct comprehensive jihad monitoring.

No data on right-wing extremists

The notification service itself shall communicate the number of cases dealt with. In November in November, NDB spoke about 80 people at risk and reviewed the sites of 606 potential jihadists in social media.
At the request of BLICK, as many right-wing extremists see, it blocks NDB. According to Carolina Bohren, there is also the monitoring of neo-Nazis. How many people are there on the radar, but they do not say.

Drilling refers to the latest safety report. It writes: "There are often functional weapons collections on the arena."

It is to be feared that in Switzerland, the former right-wing Internet entrepreneur replaces his keyboard with an assault rifle.

* Name of the famous editor


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