Abt-Audi RS 4-R in the test


SA panoramic glass roof saves a sports driver like a vampire in sunlight. Because you pay twice as much light in the interior. In euros, which less hurt in an already cheap car than RS 4, and in kilograms. Let's not forget: a higher center of gravity.

After all, the Abt-Audi RS 4-R weighs 1865 kilograms. This is almost 50 pounds more than the standard RS-4 in our test (sports car 5/2018). But in the case of tuned power plants, the glass roof also has some good. You can reveal it – and even more intensely experience the sharp, vicious, aggressive sound of the six-cylinder with a dual turbocharger.

What kind of environment is better for a good sample than a tunnel? The V6 combines the highest speed of 6,800 / min, you grab the right-hand switch and Zwo-Nineer runs through four exhaust pipes with a 102 mm diameter and a carbon cover. We probably know a picture, which we often describe with the rolls that fall into the rollers. Abt RS 4-R is more like swallowing Zippo lighters with each combustion chamber, their digestion and retention: metal rubbing!

Some hearing centers somehow believe that there is more mixing in the engine compartment than those of those 530 KM and 690 Newton meters. That's 80 KM and 90 Newtons more than a series of car cars. The Kempten tuner reaches the power plus with another control unit in the rear of the engine compartment, which stimulates the already smooth biturbo. Abt is defended against excessive heat with an additional water cooler. He sits behind the fiery edges with edges with black rings.

Longitudinal Dynamics: Running!

Abt-Audi RS 4-R, single test, spa0119

More pepper: the tuner delivers a dual-charged 2.9-liter V6 with 80 hp and 90 Nm of torque.

Photo: Rossen Gargolov

Feelings and readings confirm that this is what is on it. In 3.7 seconds the plug plugs on the highway speed and even exceeds the expectations of the receiver, which ran from 3.8 seconds. The RS-4 series sprinted in 3.9 seconds to 100. After 13.2 seconds, Abt releases 200 marks. Tuning flashes for 1.2 seconds. Especially in lower gears, the shovel is pushed properly.

Tested sound test and longitudinal dynamics. And let's be honest: what's best to do with a caravan that includes straight lines like vol on pasture? Unload boxes and passengers, free them from the transport forces and shoot down the highways. Of course, with the necessary caution, of course, the almost two meter wide car stands stable at a speed of up to 280 km / h through the wind. The new spoiler divides the air, the part flows through the chassis to the rear apron with three lamellas diffusers. Flics run outwards, gills spit on the front blades of the wheels. They adapted to those that Audi already hit on the back of the production model. The Aero and Optics package rounds up the receiver's logos and 20-inch crawlers with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT tires.

Abbot requires approximately 114,000 euros for the whole vehicle – more specifically, Abt called. All 50 copies have already been sold. They all provided a receiver with a plate on the dashboard by the passenger.

Car ride Abt-Audi RS4-R
3:29 min.

In the menu of the input, point and output curve menu, RS 4-R prefer to scroll right to the dessert side. I just want to speed it up. The performance of all-wheel drive and Sportdiff, the abrasive from the high-speed corners, quickly returns so fast that you need to quickly escape and avoid the Tempofalle. And in the manual gearbox mode, you have to quickly rip, otherwise V6 in the limiter. When entering the corner, the wagon is naturally more difficult. Strong growth, heavy weight: Lastly, he works with him to surround him in curves. At the top is neutral.

Abt-Audi RS4-R with soft chassis

Abt-Audi RS 4-R, single test, spa0119

The tendency to a soft suspension animates the caravan in the athletic movement to participate.

Photo: Rossen Gargolov

On the RS4-R brake, it weakens with a small lightweight Dunlop. The warm braking system stops it from 100 km / h after just over 37 meters. Shock absorbers, front axle stamps: It costs a meter. A detailed adjustment is still required. On the big Hockenheim round, the brake performs its task, it remains stable, without attracting attention. Now the RS4-R also has a wider semi-finished Michelin. And we know what the rubber tires are on RS4 and RS5. The scope of sports comfort is transferred to the sports track.

Performance, look, tires, oh, the suspension is still missing. Abt replaces the series stabilizers on the front and rear axles for Sportstabis. In addition, steam with KW covalent suspension.

On the racetrack, RS4-R is still silent and moving, which is not necessarily harmful to the dynamics. A soft chassis instead of firmly climbing over 4,574 kilometers and relies exclusively on traction, torque and horse power, encourages the wagon to cooperate. A certain amount of slack in the hip did not harm anyone, especially a car that exceeds 1.8 tons.

The Audi-typical understeer in curves requires the best possible lap time, but the one that prefers to rotate, put the load on the center of the curve, so that it is one of the four-wheel drive.

Thus, the RS4-R time is 1.55.9 minutes. More important than nude numbers are the words in the final certificate: Safe, reliable, nice to drive – and without technical errors in the test mode.

Abt-Audi RS 4-R, single test, spa0119


Tuner Abt has accused Audi RS 4 of poor performance. So, in Kempten, the Carbon Power Plant injected 80 additional horsepower.



The tuners do not have a simple solution. Manufacturers are upgrading their cars and are increasingly offering their own additives for sampling. Because you are grateful for a car like RS 4. Although it's athletic, but it still has room for improvement. It uses Abt. The affirmed Kemptener maintains its promise of capability and acceleration, as well as sinking into a side dynamic world. I think the optics package matches the character of RS 4, even though I missed the side sound. All 50 copies have already been sold. But do not panic: at the Geneva Motor Show 2019, Abt wants Abt to present its products with the RS-4 Plus edition.

Technical information

Abt RS4-R
basic price 113.790 €
external dimensions 4781 x 1866 x 1404 mm
the trunk 505 to 1510 l
Move / motor 2894 cc / 6 cylinder
power 390 kW / 530 hp at 5700 rpm
maximum speed 280 km / h
0-100 km / h 3,7 s
consumption 8.8 l / 100 km

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