TV: Drama in Kalmar, when Beijing lost its victory


Photo: Bildbyrån / C More.

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The player is a visible target for the reception of Papa Diouf.

Simon Thern was looking for Norrköping for his first win.
But a few minutes later a strong cold shower came.
– We have released two extremely cheap targets, says Simon Thern C C Sea.

IFK Norrköping, of many who was a candidate for the golden season, has now played three Allsvenskan rounds without a win. On Saturday, they were on a tie 2-2 against Kalmar FC, when the guests were guided twice.

Jordan Larsson first achieved his second goal in the season when he turned Lars Krogh Gerson's record and hit the ball under Lucas Hägg-Johansson. Kalmar immediately reacted to the penalty after Sead Haksabanovic in the penalty area demolished Fidan Aliti. The players played out loudly, but the main referee Kaspar Sjöberg was on his way. Brassen Romario returned to the reception cold.

Beijing, however, withdrew the order. The free kick by Gudmundur Thorarinsson was taken by Hägg Johansson. But the ball just flew past the ball. Simon Thern was the most resolved chaos – and in the evening he erased the second goal of the board for Norrköping.

This time too did not last long. Piotr Johansson sent a long ball to Fidan Aliti, who then led the ball towards Papi Dioufu. Diouf then threw himself forward and calmed the ball past Isaac Pettersson. It's a really nice goal, which has become the ultimate in the game.

– That was all right from our side. I think we sometimes started a decent game and made two goals. However, we have released two extremely low-cost goals and it is difficult to win if we present such goals, says Simon Thern for C Sea.

Kalmar coach Magnus Pehrsson:

– I think we did a good job. We find ourselves at a disadvantage twice and then it is clear that one point must be satisfied. We followed the plan well.

– Norrköping is difficult for us today to take the lead. I think we played the game mostly.

Both Kalmar FF and IFK Norrköping are waiting for their first win for the season. Norrköping also had the chance to see the injured Christoffer Nyman.

See Diouf's account in the player!

Starting Elevens:

Kalmar: Hägg-Johansson – Johansson, Nouri, Elm, Aliti, Agardius – Elm, Romario, Eid – Maxwell, Diouf.

IFK Norrköping: Pettersson – Dagerstål, Lauritsen, Krogh Gerson – Smith, Haksabanovic, Fransson, Thern, Thorarinsson – Larsson, Nyman.


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