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Thomas Di Leva to the hospital after an accident


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When an accident occurred, he went shopping.

Thomas Di Leva broke up so badly that he ended up on a trip to the hospital.

– This is internal bleeding and muscle wear, says Nöjesbladet.

In autumn, the 55-year-old Thomas di Leva played his show. "Changes – Di Leva interpreters David Bowie»To the Hamburger Stock Exchange for full houses.

On Friday, the presentation is scheduled to take place on the tour, and the premiere took place in the home town of Gävle. But on Sunday, the artist slipped down the stairs to his house in the village south of Stockholm and now he is fighting to be able to do it according to plans.

– I would go shopping and freeze. I went down the stairs and hit the pelvis on the right. I'm glad I did not hit my head, explains Thomas, who was forced to spend the night at the hospital watching.

I can not get up

He tried to get up, but he was so bad he did not go. Thomas did not want to call the ambulance first, but when he could not get up, his wife thought Sofie Di Leva, 36, in order to at least call health information.

– They thought we would definitely call the ambulance, and when they arrived, they had to give me all painkillers.

The artists were taken to a hospital where X-ray was taken and taken.

– I was lucky because soft parts and not heavy parts had to take a bang. There were no pelvic and shoulder bumps, but there were internal bleeding and muscle wear. Now I am at home and today I was on the wrong note that I put the vertebra on the right and I ate painkillers.

As I said, Thomas is married and needs and wants.

– Now that's necessary. Fruit serves me and is incredible. I can not bend and not wear my socks, says Thomas, and laughs.

Photo by Cecilia Liljeton / TT

Thomas Di Leva.

The performance on Friday will be completed. There are no other options.

– If the pelvis was broken or the spindle was turned off, I had to cancel the whole tour. It's pretty physical, so now I have to show that it works. I can not dance or drink, but everyone else in the waist is moving around me and not the other way round. He can get more Lou Reed like David Bowie, says and laughs.

Thomas told about his case, his pain on Facebook, and his reaction strengthened him.

– I feel that I have a lot of love for myself, otherwise I would feel very useful.

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