The year that has disappeared the Argentine submarine has been elevated in the Atlantic foreign


A year ago, the San Juan submarine disappeared with 44 sailors on board. Now the submarine is found 800 meters below the water surface in the Atlantic.

On Saturday morning, the Argentine Navy announced it would miss the submarine ARA San Juan, deep in the Atlantic on the Valdé peninsula in Patagonia.

The submarine found the American Ocean Infinity ship, which was hired to finally find the missing submarine.

Almost a year later

The news came two days after the families of the disappeared seamen had a memorial party to pay attention to sailors and submarines that disappeared on November 15, 2017.

Argentine President Mauricio Macri said the same day that families should not feel alone and promised to find the truth about what happened to the submarine and the seamen.

The San Juan submarine returned to its base, the city of Mar del Plata, when all contacts were interrupted.

18 countries participated in the search for a boat, and Argentina hoped to find surviving families. The navy continued to search for a submarine.

What happened?

It is still unclear what happened to the submarine, but the navy already said that the captain of the submarine was reporting water that entered the submarine air transport as the ship disappeared, causing a short wall in one of the submarine batteries.

However, the captain later announced that the situation had been dealt with.

A few hours later, an explosion was discovered near the time and place where you finally contacted the San Juan submarine.

In the Navy, he said that the explosion might have been caused by a hydrogen concentration triggered by the problem of the battery.

Source: AP, Reuters


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