The owner of Metro is threatening to sue Kinnevik for SEK 300 million


Norwegian financier In February 2017, Christen Ager-Hanssen bought a Swedish metro from Stenbeck investment company Kinnevik. However, it turned out to be a bad business and that the economy of the free press was hard pressed. Earlier this week, Kronofogden seized SEK 2.8 million in Nordea's bank accounts in order to collect part of this tax debt of nearly SEK 9 million owned by the company. At the same time, Metro has other debts of tens of millions, writes Expressen.

Christen Ager-Hanssen says to the newspaper, that a new issue and renewal of the company is needed to solve Metro. In addition, Christian Ager-Hanssen threatens to sue Kinnevik.

"We will demand 300 million SEK. Kinnevik manipulated the numbers and hid the real economic situation of the company, "says the Norwegian expression Expressen.

"They lied about the actual situation. It costs us 150 million and it costs us 150 million to be ready. Their fraudulent actions are clearly described in internal email messages. We've reviewed all emails and financial agreements. Their actions will be clearly documented in the lawsuit, "says Christen Ager-Hanssen.

Kinnevik Communications Director Torun Litzén told Express Express that the metro business was fully managed.


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