"The main path we want to conclude"


Ferran Sibila leaves Gif Sundsvall.
But "Giffarna" was ready.
"We have the main road that we are trying to and we hope to complete it," says sports director Urban Hagblom for the football channel.

On Friday, Gif Sundsvall left with assistant Joel Cedergren Ferran Sibyl, who left the club for personal reasons. The distance to Catalonia was simply too far away.

"In Sundsvall, I was very good with everyone in the club, team and supporters, but this decision is not based on this, but at a distance to my family and my friends. It's a tough decision because I do not think the team has expired, but sometimes you have to make difficult decisions, "said Sibila in a statement.

Sports director Urban Hagblom tells the Football Channel that Sibila is ready to leave – and has already spoken and met with an alleged replacement.

– We have the main direction to strive for what we hope to complete. But this can be a decision that takes some time. There is no stress on us, we feel safe there. It is important that the right person will make a football channel.

"We are ready because we have extremely good relations and dialogue with Ferran.

As for players currently on Sundsvall outsourcing, names such as Linus Hallenius, Eric Björkander and Dennis Olsson, Hagblom says:

"We are striving to find solutions for players whose contracts have expired and we want to keep them in" Giffarna. "However, it is probably a process that will not be completed by the end of the month.

Hagblom also says that there were no offers for players in the Sundsvall team contract.


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