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Teenage gangs are persecuted for contract killings on construction companies – there are many traces left behind

"Beginner on the Path of Crime"

forAnders Johansson

The 17-year-old is suspected of being a self-destruct building company, but no shot was immediately killed.

The prosecutor then used the weapon as a guard and hit the victim in the head until he was dead.

– It's a contractual murder, says Carola Pettersson, a police officer in case of murder.

In the middle of a bright day, firefighters echoed shooting in a quiet residential area of ​​Lidingö.

Because of the initial summer heat, people sat in the balconies and had open windows. That's why the event received a lot of witnesses.

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The youth gang left behind many cigarette cemeteries – with the DNA that connects them to the city.

When the perpetrator, after shooting seven shots, began to hit his fake, wounded victim who tried to protect himself with his arms, the neighbor shouted: Stop!

Another neighbor hardly believed his eyes – and he was shocked.

– I had a clock to measure the heartbeat, such a sports watch and heartbeat was a couple of hours 180, the real neighbor in question.

The third neighbor took the cell phone and could record large parts of the process.

"Extremely brutal"

– It's extremely brutal, says Carola Pettersson, the police who watched the movie and even played for the suspects.

Seventeen years old, as the investigator claims, was difficult to watch.

– You can remove him, I do not want to see him, he said, when he was playing at the interrogation.

At the same time, film images have become one of the many pieces of evidence against seven people who were persecuted for the murder of a 57-year-old construction company in June last year.

The shooter is, among other things, shown in shoes with a distinctive appearance, shoes, that the suspect also bears other images that were protected from social media.

"Contract killings"

None of the seven, of whom two are 18 years old, do not have a personal connection with the victim.

– It's a contractual murder, says Carola Pettersson. Sorry, we could not link any of the initiators to it. So we do not know why he was murdered.

– There was a conflict in the construction in which he was involved and who may be behind. However, we did not find any connection with him and the seven accused. And no one else.

On the other hand, investigators believe they have solid evidence of a de facto action.

The one appointed by the police officer, as planned, is a 19-year-old who is charged with the acknowledged murder of Guldhedn in Gothenburg, just over two weeks earlier. There, the perpetrators placed a GPS bug on their victim's car. They also planned to launch a third murder where GPS packs were installed on two cars, but they were found.

"Beginner on the Path of Crime"

In this case, the investigators consider that the 19-year-old received money, unknown as much. He then hired a group of young people who had been murdered for what the police called "money for coffee".

Some parts are well-prepared, planned, and seem very organized. But when it comes to actual implementation, it is clear to Caroly Pettersson that this is the pioneer on the road to crime.

These people are not some kind of cold blooded killers, it's a free compound gang, some are well-known, some do not even. No one ever participated in such a context, as we know.

Carola Pettersson says she was surprised by the fact that so many people were involved and that they are so young.

– In the hearing they say they did not know that somebody would be murdered. It is also common to consider that they can not withdraw. They felt that they had to co-operate in some way.

"Completely implemented"

It is true that the murder was carried out, but it seems to the investigators to be amateur. Some examples:

• Murder occurs before witnesses late in the afternoon when the construction company just returned home. The youngsters are standing in the parking lot in the vicinity and there are many hours waiting all day – which many people notice.

• Smoke and throat pimples where their DNA is protected.

• One of the perpetrators loses a knife at the time of his murder with his DNA.

• The shooter loses the magazine at the scene of the murder – and then asks about it in a chat on a mobile phone.

• Those who will burn the car will use too much gasoline when the escape car must be burned – and burn and can be arrested immediately.

• They were filmed at the hotel the day before they were planned.

• The phone of a 19-year-old director is intercepted when he purchases weapons.

The trial is due to begin on 1 April.

Then the police are investigating the murder – with the "tired Bible" 00:33

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