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Take care of the forehead – why they never learn


It's about corruption when you abuse public power for your personal gain. There is everywhere, but an important player is a trade union movement. Olle Sahlström, once LO's ombudsman, said after numerous scandals in 2004 that the union movement was marinated in self-sufficiency. Now it happened again. Aftonbladet examined union leaders who really stand out. It is a union that organizes managers and boasts professional advice and guidance from trainers. Now they can add that it is a union with extremely generous management conditions.

I take care of the forehead and think in myself: how miserable the management of the trade union. Experts traveled to eight Mediterranean and US conferences for 2.5 million. Women could help them free. The association also has an accompanying policy for relatives. The trip to the United States costs 90,000 per person. There are costs that members must pay. But that's not enough. The association hires a garage where luxury cars are in line. Former CEO Peter Hedelin, who was fired after Aftonbladet's inspection, is still running in a company with a million cars, the Porsche Cayenne Hybrid. 10 employees have expensive official cars.

The worst thing in this scandal is that it seems that those who traveled in luxury at the expense of members do not think they made mistakes. We had a few too generous conditions, but they have to change, said one of the participants. Anders Miller, the federal president, tells Aftonbladet that – you must understand that if you have acquired the knowledge, it also costs money. However, he stresses that compliance policy is too generous and should be changed.

The question is, why do they always repeat the same mistakes and why union leaders do not take into account the experiences of others? It's not the first time that unions are being reviewed. Obviously, it is drunk and losing control over who represents and what they have in the context. It seems that Porsche travel for members' money is perfect, as well as diving in the Mediterranean and enjoying expensive dinners with top quality wines. They do not even like presentations. They think that they are not members who paid the honey to settle.

I also wonder what the leadership, who "bought their education", actually learned about 2.5 million trips. What members will share, in addition to diving images on Instagram?

Leaders are now taking the lead in trade union scandals. It seems that the administration is a small exclusive club for the mutual admiration of all these advantages and luxury cars. The traffic was transported by 600,000 members at the expense of SKTF Former Vision members, who made four million members at the 75th anniversary of the union. There were, of course, 800 offers, although the membership fee was then paid. It should be noted that the union movement is very necessary for self-review.

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