Thursday , March 4 2021

Sweden's goal: Relegation and the game against the giants: "We were fantastic"

STOCKHOLM. In the win against Russia, Sweden is in the league league A League.
Then games can be against giants such as France and Spain.
"It was amazing," says Ludwig Augustinsson on the football channel.

After winning against Turkey last Saturday, Sweden hoped to win the group in the Uefa League. In a victory against Russia in a friendly arena on Tuesday, Blogult wins his team at their mutual meetings – and then progresses to the A-Division Tournament.

After resettlement, Sweden can enter the same group as France, Spain, England and Portugal, the next time it is time for the League of Nations.

"It would be incredible. The loss to Turkey was very difficult, it went down to Division C and did not have so many fun games. Now we have the opportunity to join Group A where you can meet France or Spain. it would be incredible to develop in order to meet with these nations, "said Ludwig Augustinsson.

In addition to a sports lift that would make a move, there is also an economic aspect. Section B sections in Division B give SEK 15 million to the Swedish Football Association, and the sum that SvFF will get for the next edition of the National League will increase if it is to play in the A Division. This year, each federation whose team played in division A received 2.25 million euros (more than 23 million euros), compared with 1.5 million euros (just over 15 million euros) received by the union, because Sweden was part of the B-division.

"Although we are not thinking about money, it is good for Swedish football to get the federation's money. Three points would be fantastic at all levels," Augustinsson told the Russian Federation.

The winner outside the field Jimmy Durmaz is on the same line.

– Now we do not think so (money). But you are thinking about it before and after the game, so you can help your national team. The union will benefit greatly from money, "says Durmaz.

"We have to sport the best peoples at a sporty level, financially, trade unions get more than they stay in the B division, and when you meet with tournaments, more crowd attracts matches, relies on a possible shift.

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