Silver to Lag Hasselborg in the World Curling Cup


forOscar Rickstrand

Sweden had an excellent gold medal at the World Championship in Denmark.

But Lag Hasselborg fell to Switzerland after the final drama.

– Of course it's sucks, says Anna Hasselborg in TT.

2018, Lag Hasseborg won gold at the Olympic Games in Peyonchang. Towards the end of the year, the Swedes followed success when they won the gold medal at the European Championships in Tallinn.

Today Sweden had the chance to become a world champion.

And towards the end of the finals against Switzerland – in the Danish Silkeborg – they seemed blue to take advantage of the opportunity.

It requires separation

When Anna Hasselborg took the last regular stonem in Sweden in the tenth and decisive round, the 6-7 team was in the team, but with a successful hit, gold would be secured.

But the meeting was not quite clear, Sweden had to satisfy one point and demanded the game.

Switzerland had the last stone. And they took advantage.

"I can not find the perfect stone"

In the end, Lag Hasselborg, made up of Anna Hasselborg, Sara McManus, Agnes Knochenhauer and Sofia Mabergs, was defeated by 7-8.

– We are exactly where we want to be mentally. We fight and play well, but in the tenth, we really can not find the perfect stone. If they did, they would win the race, says Anna Hasselborg in TT.

Thus, he became the world championship in the Olympic and European Championships.

– Of course he is sucking. We really had good chances in the tenth round, which we did not take. It was an incredibly smooth game, says Hasselborg.

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