Sarah Sjöström wins the worst contestant at the World Cup in Singapore


The World Cup in swimming is at the end of the decision.

On Thursday, the final competition in Singapore began, and thus the battle for the final victory between Sarah Sjöström and Katinka Hosszu.

Prior to the decision, the Swedish sim star was 15 points ahead of the Hungarian.

Already in one of the first race races they were placed against each other when the finals were 100 meters in the bears.

After 26 straight won 100 meters of bears, world record holder Katinka Hosszu was a great favorite, but Sarah Sjöström again showed that she is the best when the challenge is greatest.

Sarina broke the winning victory in Katinkas and eventually won 57.49 – the third fastest time at a distance – seven times in front of the Hungarian.

Sarah Sjöström then continued to win at 50 meters frieze with a time of 23.21. This is also the third fastest time ever.

At the World Championship, Sarah and Dutch Ranomi Kromowidjojo fought hundreds of duels at free and metallic distances, but Sarah was 25 cents faster than 2. Ranomi Kromowidjojo.

Katinka Hosszu During the first racing day she also got a branch, 200 meters of butterfly, but when Sarah won two victories, she extended her lead in Katinki – at least temporarily.

Contests in Singapore will continue on Friday and will end on Saturday.

Sims can tell how much branch they want, but only the best three are counted.

Sarah Sjöström swims 50 and 100 meters of butterflies on Fridays and Saturdays and 100 and 200 meters Freestyle.

The overall winner of the World Cup won 1.4 million.

Facts.Points at the World Championship

The three peaks in each race receive the following points:

12 points for the winner

9 points to 2nd place

6 points to three

Sims can count only their first three placements during each World Cup.

The best achievement

These are the so-called Fine Points, which determine what should be considered as the best performances. Fines are calculated according to a given formula with a global record at different distances as the starting point. The highest score reaches the closest record.

The three Sims, who had the highest point in Fina during a single World Championship competition in one game, receive bonus points.

The points are as follows:

24 points per swimmer with the highest Fina rating

18 points to the second highest

12 points to the third highest


20 points are additionally acquired by the swimmer who sets the world record

10 points are additionally awarded to the one who follows the world record.

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