RTX On! Sweclockers test the tracking of rays in Battlefield V


It was updated today Battlefield V with support for tracking rays, a technique for playing real-time real-time lighting, which is possible with the new Geforce RTX cards that were released last autumn. BFV is the first game in which the challenging technology started, and our friends on Sweclockers would of course not be able to control their fingers.

After an afternoon intensive test, the first report was published on how the game is performed with or without the technique of tracking the rays. Try the Geforce RTX 2080 Ti card, and even this does not work when the settings are attached. The DXR (such as the specified beam setting in the game) is available in four quality modes and the game recommends a medium (second lowest setting).

With all ultra graphics in a resolution of 2 560 x 1 440 pixels and DXR off, the graphics card prints a powerful 144 frames per second. But with DXR on ultra, it falls on average at 77fps Рalmost half way. For this price, on the other hand we get a lot of sugar for the eyes, but the tester Jonas Th̦rnqvist is asking about the advantages of this in a multiplayer game.

Graphic reflections, for example, water sleeves and cars, are noticeably better in the tracking of rays compared to conventional raster. However, in Multiplayer mode, in Battlefield V, it's hard to see this added eye tower as you move quickly from the area to the area, and most of you try to focus on finding the enemy to shoot, not thinking about the fire that is reflected in the window.

It was nice, and very possibly the property of the players when the technology expanded and the prices fell in one year. Until then we can think about it It's BFV using tracking as a delicious first step for real graphic enthusiasts.


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