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Prediction: This year there are still many wind turbines – P4 Västerbotten


The production of electricity from wind energy in the country will double in the next four years. There are applications for a total of more than 1000 wind turbines at the Västerbotten district board. Of these, 360 have already received a permit, divided into 17 different locations in the district.

Investment rate in Wind energy is rising and in the next four years production, which is now around 17 Twh, would be 35 Twh at the end of 2022.

Charlotte Unger Larsson, executive director of the Svensk Wind Energy Trade Association, underlines the political goals of the Energy Agreement 2016 as a strong explanation for today's investment speed in Swedish wind energy.

If you want to reach one A 100% renewable electrical system by 2040 will need SEK 9-10 billion a year. Money, which is largely beyond the boundaries of the state.

– We saw on the market that there will be several big players and that it will be harder to make profit for the youngest. And investors come mainly from other countries. This is a lot about pension money, says Charlotte Unger Larsson.

Wind power expansion it began in the south of Sweden, but it is increasingly moving towards the north, where in some places at the same time there is a strong local resistance for the sound of turbines as well as how they affect the landscape image.

"And if we get people here, we have to have a nature that is of a cool nature," says Henry Jönsson, who has roots in Fullsjön in Ragunda in eastern Jämtland with hundreds of power plants in the immediate vicinity.

A few miles away Jämtkraft plans to build an additional 45 wind power plants with a license to be 230 meters high. This energy should be used by the local community, he says.

– Now they are all taken away, and now they take my air. They took wood, ore and water. Now they also take the air.
And then I'm surprised to say that it's here more than in the south. However, when transporting from here to the stream, there will be much more energy losses, says Henry Jönsson.

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