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Poor look is the worst trap for the poor – News

The one who earns little money needs to think much more about his economy than the one who has more to deal with, "says Margareta Lindberg, a researcher at the Consumer Agency.

The biggest trap is not checked because the edges are so small. Now for Christmas shopping it's easy to participate in a big shopping street, although you do not have real money.

The budget is very important. Include all income, wages and child allowances and more and deduct fixed costs. Rent, all loans, all subscriptions and insurance and costs, for example a car. If you start there, you will see what is done, "says Margaret Lindberg.

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Checking money is the most important thing for those who have some of them, experts say.

Get low cost

Awareness of what changes in clothing, food, and other things make planning and planning possible, explains.

But it also allows you to see which fixed costs are unnecessarily high, says Sharon Lavie, an economist at Ikano Bank.

Those with a small economy should try to minimize fixed costs. Many electricity bills and the like can be negotiated and you can review such media costs, he says.

Lavie also thinks that we should consider what she really wants and needs. The car costs a lot and can also demand nasty sudden costs if it breaks.

It is now positive that, for example, new solutions will be, for example, automotive pools. You may not need it yourself, says Sharon Lavie.

Simply attracted

Margaret Lindberg believes that he will do his budget for the whole year, because the invoices and costs vary slightly between the year.

Then you can also preview a preview, so you can plan Christmas and holidays, "she says.

The best part is to spend money all year long.

Nevertheless, for many, the fixed costs are so much less money to lose sleep. You can then get rid of loans, purchases of bills and offers to share costs over time. But Margaret Lindberg and Sharon Lavie want to warn you.

"Buy now and pay in February", which makes you live in a jump. If you do not have money at the moment, you probably will not have them in February, "said Margareta Lindberg.

Those who buy meals are easily owed, she emphasizes.

Payments link you. It will always be more expensive. In addition, there are many more to follow, and the risk is to miss something when you have a lot of accounts like small dishes, says Sharon Lavie.

Why are you satisfied?

Buying can be as comfort, he says.

I'm buying this cheap sweater because I can not afford this trip that I really dream about. You think you deserve so little that there is no savings, says Lavie.

You still do not have to be, you think.

If you think about what makes it happy, in the short and long term, it will be easier. If you really want to do something, it's easier to save instead of spending money on small things, says Sharon Lavie.

In addition, in our time of social media, it seems that everyone can afford everything: ski holidays, summer trips, fantastic afternoon lunches and nice clothes.

There are few who can afford everything. It's better to have an aim and cover up than saving something fun, "says Lavie.

Mental accidents

They also want to draw attention to strutnessality: just ignore everything until it crashes.

It's hard to take your shoulder. But do not do this. Call and inform companies that you can not pay, they can postpone the date. Then you will lose your reminders and maybe requests for collection, says Sharon Lavie.

You can also get help.

Budgets and debt advisors in municipalities say that many people come too late when they have already arrived at the crown. Then the opportunities are often small in order to do something like to replace more bad loans with a better one. But if you come in time, you will become better, "says Margaret Lindberg.

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