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Police confirm: Woman raped two men in her 25's – News in Kalmar – 24 hours a day


On Monday night at 21:01 the police were informed of the rape. An obstacle was set up very quickly Stone Mountain Park, east of the hospital Kalmar. Many police efforts were carried out, inter alia, with a special search dog.

– A woman in her 25 years has reported that she was attacked around 20.30. She walked through the park, where two men sat on the bench. They went upstairs and caught it, then forcefully pulled them down and then raped, says Robert Loeffel, a spokeswoman for the Police Management Center.

A woman should help the victim. Police believe it is important for them to get in touch with a woman. You also have a signal for two suspects. Signal generated on the basis of the information received at the victim's hearing.

– It seems that these men were interrupted in some way and then left the place on each bike. They were probably scared. They are described as being in the 15-20s with dark clothing and lids. Then the woman came to the victim when she was in the park. She brought a small dog with her and then helped the victim to the hospital. We did not get in touch with her, but we are very interested in it, "says Loeffel.

The police describe it When the victim arrived at the hospital, she was physically well ill, but was accidentally shocked. The police, however, are discreet about what they did to find out about the forensic investigation.

– The woman was shocked, but she did not receive major injuries. We had a special search dog to find sperm at the scene of the crime. Unfortunately, we can not find what they found. But we are very interested in getting in touch with witnesses. Although it was empty when you were there, all observations from there are interesting. This can help us shorten time frames, says Loeffel.

The classification of criminal offenses has been changed at night. From criminality to rape.

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