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Pilot Alexander Karlsson died in an accident in Umea


Nine people died in an accident in Umeå on 14 July. Among them are Stina, Carl, Benjamin, Fanny, Fredrik and Emil.

In Alexander Karlsson.

In the memory text in Dagens Nyheter, the family writes about him:

As a boy, he was a quiet and subtle man who wanted to explore the details of the world around him and went his own way. Already as a 16-year-old Alex started to fly when he went to the 2-year pilot school in Arvidsjour and another pilot training in New Zealand, where he was a student for an exchange for one year. "

Expressen was in contact with Aleksandra's family, which confirms that the prints from the texts of Alexander's text and images are published.

Flowers in the memorial place after an accident.


Alexander started flying again

One of Alexander's dreams was to become a traffic pilot, but he came to other roads. He started studying the mathematics line and lived in South America for some time.

But three years ago he returned to Umeå, the family writes.

"He continued with the flight and really enjoyed a great community both in the air club and the parachuting club. Alex had more interests. She read a lot, played social games, practiced yoga and enjoyed socializing with friends. He was an important sponsor of his nephew. He never hurried and took the time to listen to him.

Umeå Airport is visible in the background.


"His memory will always live"

The family in the memorial text in the DN states that they have to establish a foundation, Alex's memorial fund for talented children. They write:

"Alex was a member of Mens in Sweden and a time he worked for members. He burned that quiet, talented children would have a youthful right. His plan was to somehow work voluntarily to support them, just as he supported his classmates when he was selected as a college student in high school. That is why we decided in the family to establish the Alex Memorial Fund for children with special needs. He must act in his spirit and support others.

"Alexander came too early here on earth. His memory will always live.

What caused the fatal accident is still unclear and the incident is being investigated by the National Accident Investigation Committee. However, it is stated that the aircraft was corrupted in the air. When it fell to the ground, in heavy centers, the skirt is missing.

None of the nine on board survived the accident.

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