Maja Jakobsson HV71 ends with ice hockey



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Maja Jakobsson achieved her best season in the SDHL and was close to the World Cup team.

But now the 23-year-old ends.

"I am writing this with dots in my stomach and tears in my eyes," writes on Instagram.

Maja Jakobsson was the best HV71 player in the playoffs and had six goals and two assistances in two matches. She was also close to a place in Sweden in the World Cup. Now, the 23-year-old ends with hockey.

Combining full-time jobs with elite initiative

"I am writing this with dots in the stomach and tears in my eyes. I decided to finish my hockey career. From the age of 3, I was in pairs of skates every day. Every day we fight and bear, somewhere take energy and energy, "writes on Instagram.

"I did not want to go to training"

For Smålandsposten, he is developing his decision.

– It's been very difficult for the last couple of years. I did not always want to go to training. You work full time and train almost every day for almost a year. It's hard to combine and somewhere energy ends, she says.

Jakobsson does not close the door completely to return in the future.

– He does not feel like the last game. Hockey has always been a great part of life and you never know if craving returns. The HV71 works with Troy-Ljungby, knows me and I know that I'm always welcome, he says.

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