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Let's dance 2019: Kristin Kaspersens was defending the ban

This became an exciting quarter-finale in "Let's Dance", where Magdalena Forsberg and Linnea Claesson were forced to meet in a duel with another dance to find out who will continue.

Kristin Kaspersen, along with her dance partner Calle Sterner, after brilliant tango, came directly into the semi-finals – only a week after she opened her head in a bloody dance accident.

The TV4 profile decides to have a hair ring to hide the patch and wound that is sewn with nine stitches.

– You get used to watching me with ribbons. This is not what he wants to look like, says Kristin Kaspersen and shows his forehead under tension.

Tilde Paula Ebys heavy words against Kaspersen

Tilde de Paula Eby, manager, responded that Kristin Kaspersen barely took as quietly as you could expect from a head injury, and that the profile was live-in.

– Then I was a little angry when I saw how much you turned, and you were up and down, and you have nine stitches in the forehead, said Tilde de Paula Eby in "Let's Dance".

– It's such a crazy fun and then you do not have time to think whether you can be up and down or not, then it's just a ride, Kaspersen has defended himself in live transmission.

For Expressen, Kaspersen explains that she really had to be on her feet for a few days – but she decided to defy the ban to perform an exciting rise in choreography.

– I did not really get upset, but now I was still, acknowledged by Kristin Kaspersen.

In the studio, Kaspersen's 15-year-old son, Leon, who supports his mother every week on the site. When interviewed by David Hellenius in the show, he is obviously proud of his mother.

Kaspersens tears for the son of a gesture

When Kristin Kaspersen, after the show, explains what she means for her son's love, she can not hold tears, but breaks into tears.

– That everybody is here … God, I'm almost beginning to cry now, says Kaspersen, and he can rest before collecting himself before he goes on:

– I think it's cool. He is 15 years old and shows how proud he is, sitting and cheering, he says in a low voice.

Kristin Kaspersen asked for her son's opinion before accepting "Let's Dance", and he's been kidding from the first day.

– He even touched my trip, and when I asked him, "Do you think I will do this?" And he said, "Mom, drive!" Since that day, it was so amazing. That's why it became very … but God. This means a lot, he says with a tearful voice, and wipes out a scream.

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