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Tony Irving is not happy with the action of the "Let's Dance" jury.

He now draws his sharp criticism to his colleagues.

– My job is to tell if something does not work, says Nöjesbladet.

After the last week, "Let's Dance" Tony Irving strong criticism from colleagues from the jury and claimed that their opinions influence viewers to vote for the wrong people.

– In the evening, we had a meeting where we discussed the actions of the jury in the program last week because I was irritated. Ann was very clear and she gave me her position. Cecilia transferred her. And I gave them my own.

– As president, it is my job to tell if something is not working. Now, we are right and based on this, we continue to work, says Tony Irving for Nöjesbladet.

But confusion among viewers continued this week Cecilia Lazar dal Magdalena Forsbergs danced 4 points, and Tony Irving danced 9 points.

"The jury usually discusses and makes a joint decision. Do not sit and lift shovels with numbers they are not watching! ", Writes the reader in the chat Nöjesbladet.

»How can Lazar stay in the jury? It seems that the goal is to think the opposite, "another person writes.

– A few moments this evening, we gave a very drastic difference when it comes to the result, as in the case of Magdalen. And I can say that. Cecilia will be fourteen by herself. I never gave her this dance, says Tony.

Irving: "catastrophe"

Ivring thinks Lazarus's result shook Forsber.

– She said she was watching dancing and judging by technical ones, while I looked at myself whole. We have the freedom to think what we want, but I'm a little surprised that I did not look at the whole, he says.

Irving believes that there is a risk that worthy winners will be in favor of public favorites unless the jury directs viewers to vote in the right direction.

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Tony Irving tackles hard criticism

– If you look over this dance floor, you see that the girls we sweep on the floor with all the men are here. The girls are at the top. But how will people vote? Because they love these men. We saw this from year to year.

– You would not be surprised Thomas Ravelli finishes in the finals. I think it would be a catastrophe for a dance, when a non-competent dancer comes to the final game, which is primarily for me a dance competition.

"The audience should not vote"

He emphasizes that he is fully aware that this is also an entertainment program where the audience is voting – something that is ready to do.

– I think that the audience should not vote, but this is a concept I can not influence. As a dance judge, I am irritated by seventeen, and I am very afraid that during this season, girls are smokers. If we start losing these good girls because Swedish people do not have a backbone to vote for girls, it's a disaster.

Who should go tonight?

– The point is certainly Thomas Ravelli.

Who was the best tonight?

– That was Magdalena Forsberg. She stopped for me.

Cecilia Lazar left the studio right after the show.


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