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Google creates teams to develop their own chips


Already in the beginning of November 2015 there was rumor that Google wants to build its own chip for Android, just as Apple designed the chip for the iPhone. It may be that the report was correct, but it was set ambitious or timely.

According to Reuters, Google has now employed at least 16 experienced engineers who previously worked in industry for companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, and Nvidia. The source claims that Google plans to hire more chips for its chipset team, with the desire to develop SoC for smartphones and data centers internally.

Google has already created chips for its data centers, as well as a chip for image processing (Pixel Visual Core), which is used on Pixel phones. In the long run, the difference to date could be that Pixel phones do not run the latest and fastest Snapdragon Qualcom, but instead of your own SoCa from the Internet giant.

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