"Feel used – you're not doing it"


Money for the memory of a dead son went to the club box – Karin's mother smashed: "In all criticisms"

Bandy Talent Axel Jonsson died last year from cancer, aged 19 years.

This summer collected close to 200,000 crowns in memory.

But money – they went to club clubs Sandviken AIK.

"I'm really disappointed, I feel like using it," says Axel's mother Karin Hellmyrs for Sportbladet.

Last spring it was that Sandvik bandy talks Axel Jonsson died in cancer, only 19 years old.

Trpel was not breathing because of the unusual cancer of Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Supporting the family was excellent and last spring, Axel's mother, Karin Hellmyrs, contacted the club, who told us that the summer race "SAIK race" will be organized for Axel's memory. The money collected would be divided. Half would take place in the youth activities of the club and the other half to the Children's Cancer Foundation and to Axel's Memory, a grant for young players in Sandviken's girlfriend.

"Giant disappointed"

Now the family feels the failure of the band's band, which the Worker magazine first reported.

The plan is to award a scholarship in connection with a match between Sandviken and Bollnäs on 8 February 2019, but money is not considered as Karin Hellmyr's thought.

Arbetarbladet says that they entered the club club and paid wages and other expenses. She found out when she visited the SAIK Chancellery last week.

– They said the money went away. It seems as though Axel was exploiting and his death only for the withdrawal of money, "says Karin Hellmyrs magazine.

When a sports magazine reaches her, she tries to say her emotions.

"I was great, really disappointed, I feel like using it, they received money for their benefit. This is something that affects many in the city, the income came because of it, I thought it was intended and locked up money," says Karin Hellmyrs.

– It was not the way it should be. If I knew he would go to a public account from the very beginning, I asked him.

"It can always be vibrant"

SAIK President Kenneth Nyberg expressed his opinion in the Arbiterbladet. He confirms that the money went to the club house, but he believes that money is available, although "there is not the same money that was collected" and that they will be paid, as promised in February.

– (money) entered the normal bank account SAIK or swish and was entered into the book as income from the SAIK race. We do not have different bank accounts for this money or others. We can not have different bank accounts for all different revenues and expenses. There are many accounts, "said Kenneth Nyberg.

He emphasizes that the club's purpose was always good.

"We managed to get the money in the usual way. But since this debate arose, we could do it differently. It is always easy to finish.

At the same time, Sandviken is a financially busy club. This summer, Swedish Radio announced that the club, which won nine SM gold, returned two million crowns in 2017.

Karin Hellmyrs told Sportbladet that she did not apologize in the club.

"They say he ought to get the money, but that's not the point. How to do it, he says.

Do you think they have a promise?

"I hope you can do this, but I do not think I will see it. They have so much shoulder to tame.

What happens if money is not paid?

– It's a disaster, I do not know … nor do I hope to think about it. This is the heart and many feelings that are related to this. And it's still a pity for him, that's 1.5 years since Axel died, it's hard, as is. And then you will know that. Everything is critical.

What did you receive from external reactions?

– When it came, messages, greetings and phone calls fell. I have objections. People think it's wrong, and I think it's good that I'm ready for it.


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