Sunday , August 1 2021

Björn af Kleen: High run from Bezove's side to the National Enquirer

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in world history, good for $ 130 billion. He has and controls one of the largest and most controversial American companies, Amazon.

Amazon was established as a digital bookshop, and today it is a huge department store where Americans buy everything from white to student literature. The firm's warehouse is a solid condition for workers. Amazon is not inclined to use its dominant market position to suppress digital competitors. Bezos also has Washington Post, a rich daily newspaper in the US capital.

That Bezos has now gone to war against the National Enquirer, is hurling the United States.

The owner of the national contracting authority, David Pecker is one of Donald Trump's longtime companions. Not only was the national commissioner taking Trump's position in the last election campaign. Pecker has long been engaged in a job called "catch and kill," catching and killing. This means that editors pay for juicy stories about infidelity and after having exclusive rights to them, they are burying stories because they should not come out and harm the party that the newspaper wants to protect, in this case, friend Trump.

After the investigation by Robert Mueller, such a story of catch and killing caused problems for the owners of the newspaper. The Trump organization paid the paper to silence the Playboy model Karen McDougal and claimed that she had been dealing with infidelity with Trump for a long time. This transaction was probably a violation of US laws on the campaign. In order to avoid prosecution, David Pecker concluded a cooperation agreement with prosecutors in New York and admitted that he paid $ 150,000, about $ 1.5 million, to protect Trum in the 2016 elections.

The agreement is David Pecker
vulnerable – because if his company violates the law for three years, the cooperation agreement is terminated and the owner of the media is subject to judicial proceedings. This uncertain situation is now using Bezos. I can partially take over the command of an unpleasant private position; The newspaper seated, claims, in a series of self-portraits, where Bezos poses with a wedding ring and a hint of erection, which he seems to have sent to his lover, now partners, TV-personality Lauren Sanchez.

But at the same time revealing Methods of speed testing of national unemployed Bezos. Editors offer to stop publishing footage if Bezos goes out and says the editorial staff is not running political motives. Bezos was not ready to conclude such an agreement, but he told about the pictures on which the newspaper was sitting, and about the attempted extortion.

A loud game, even from the Bezove page. In spite of the fact that the head of the company owns one of the largest newspapers in the country, he basically never sets interviews. In general meetings, stories are closed where reporters are not allowed to record or record sounds. That such a discreet ruler is so careless that he has sent a picture of his sex to a mistress, undoubtedly asks questions about Bezov's own judgment. And drastically changes his image in the American public.

Recognition is disclosed in a sensitive situation. Amazon's online services are part of the Cie's subscription contract for the development of a $ 10 billion intelligence system. Last year, Bezos Blue Origin received $ 500 million from the US Air Force for rocket development.

At the same time, the National Commissioner has a lot to lose. The company is obliged to disclose all documents that might be of interest to prosecutors. Bezos suggests in a blog that a political agreement will be reached between the Saudi royal family, Trump and the National Enquirer, which last year created a magnificent attachment to the price of the Saudi Crown on the cover. If it turns out to be true, this is a novelty with greater consequences than the erection of Jeff Beze.

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