Sunday , August 1 2021

Astrit Ajdarević presented Djurgården against Lilleström

This was one of the big talks of winter.

Djurgården has long been working to connect with Astrit Ajdarević, who last year ended the contract with AEK Athens, and then talked about the interests of both Djurgården and IFK Gothenburg.

"I'm in Stockholm for a reason"

Yesterday, SportExpressen could say that the deal was ready and that Ajdarević criticized the three-year contract with Djurgården. The player has already confirmed that he was in Stockholm, but he never talked about why.

– I'm here in Stockholm for a reason, so much that I can say. Later you will see why, Ajdarevic said at the time.

Astrit Ajdarević was presented in a break

On Saturday, Djurgården played the first home match home match against Norwegian Lilleström, coached by Jörgen Lennartsson.

In the turn, the news was also confirmed when Djurgården introduced the employment of Astrit Ajdarević as official to the locals in the Tele 2 arena.

Ajdarević stepped on the inner Tele 2 aircraft to the great jurgers of Djurgårdsfansen.

– It seemed the most interesting. Bosse Andersson explained his plan and Djurgården as a whole. It is time to realize the dream and try to win the gold SM, says Ajdarević.

"Astrit is something we've missed"

Bosse Andersson on recruitment:

– We had a good dialogue and Astrit showed that she believes in Djurgården and wants to bring the club to the top. Astrit is something we've missed and we are glad it is today. He signed a three-year contract and begins training tomorrow.

Astrit Ajdarević will wear a t-shirt number ten.

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