Alarm of suspicious dangerous object – train traffic stopped


On Saturday, the police received an alarm 10.18.

The person who called, found the object on the railway in Vargön outside Vänersborg.

It was almost in the same place where a similar object was found this week.

A police national protection from bombs was called to the site and then blasted.

Already today, the police have been informed of this site.

"That's too much, which matches the last time, so we can not rule out the connection," says Stefan Gustafsson, a police spokesman in the West region.

Train transport was stopped

Train transport was stopped due to the facility. The police were in contact with the national shelter, who estimated that the object was not dangerous for rail traffic.

– They saw the picture in the picture and then lowered the level of decent, says Stefan Gustafsson.

It's not clear what this is about objects. National protection against bombs will go to the site to take care of the facility.

Police are currently investigating attempts at general dangerous destruction.

No one was arrested.


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