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Adrian Peterson earned one billion – now he is deeply indebted


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34-year-old Adrian Peterson has spent almost one billion dollars in his NFL career.

More than any other game back in the history of the broad-edge leagues.

Now, the veteran of Washington Redskins is deeply in debt.

Adrian Peterson achieved great success on the plan, but he was also scandalous.

Washington Redskins, which runs back, will exceed $ 1 billion in its 12-year NFL career before 2019. Almost twice as much as any other player in his position.

Nevertheless, the 34-year-old was unable to pay off his debts and did not seem to have much of his deserved money, CBS writes.

Peterson's financial transactions have led to two different lawsuits over the past two years, as he was unable to repay his loans.

"We trusted the wrong people"

Now Athletic writes that the third lender is suing for $ 5.2 million, almost 50 million dollars. Previously, he had two other commitments of SEK 22 million and SEK 5.6 million.

Peterson is expected to end up in a vicious circle, where he accepted new loans in order to repay his old, as the interest rate increased without payment.

"I can not go into details because of ongoing investigations, but I can say that this is yet another example of an athlete who trusted and misused the wrong people" in one of them is written by lawyer Chase Carlson statement.

"It's very worrying"

Darren Heither, lawyer for the company who sued him, told Athletic that Peterson has problems with the refund of money – although he is still active in the NFL.

– It is very worrying that he has existing debts and that he was sued. I do not know if he even has the ability to pay these debts, I think he will not be able to make any other payments, says Darren Heitner.

In March, Peterson signed a new contract with Redskins, which in the next two years amounted to just over SEK 50 million.

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