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Zagreb is becoming more and more attractive for low-cost carriers

Photo: EPA

Photo: EPA

The most intense talks are expected to take place with Wizz Air, which is headquartered v Budapest, Croatian media report.

There is a very high chance that Wizz Air will also start flying by the summer v Zagreb, which will mean a lot of competition for Ryanair, which will also establish its base at Zagreb Airport this year, reported the specialized Croatian portal for commercial aviation Zamaaero.

The portal refers to sources from the management of Zagreb International Airport and states that they are also negotiating with other low-cost carriers that they would like to see. v Zagreb. He emphasizes the intensive negotiations with Wizz Air.

The pandemic hit the aviation sector hard.  Photo: EPA

The pandemic hit the aviation sector hard. Photo: EPA

It estimates that the arrival of the Hungarian carrier will benefit passengers the most, as fierce price competition will develop, as has been the case. v cases of airports v Warsaw, Vienna and v Prague. Dense air traffic is also expected to contribute to the tourism development of the Croatian capital.

The French concessionaires of Zagreb Airport opted for low-cost companies mainly due to the crisis v caused by an aviation pandemic covida-19, adds the portal. At the end of December last year, airlines were offered the possibility of additional discounts on compensation for airport services in view of the increase in traffic. v for a certain period, which led to an agreement with Ryanair.

New Ryanair connections

At the end of March, Ryanair announced that it would provide 12 flights and 36 weekly flights from Zagreb Airport by September. v eight countries. Ryanair will be out of its base v He established 37 air connections in Zadar this summer.

Ryanair is opening a base in Zagreb and offering new air connections

Until the arrival of the Irish company, Zagreb Airport was at the bottom of the scale of airports in terms of the share of low-cost carriers v total traffic, they add on the said portal. According to comparisons with similar international airports, they believe that Zagreb could have at least 20 low-cost connections.

Zagreb Airport is managed by the French consortium Zagreb Airport International company, v which companies Airports from Paris Management and builder Bouygues The building International. They are French partners v Zagreb Airport v in the first phase after the signing of the concession agreement in 2012, invested 236 million euros, mainly for the construction of a new passenger terminal. The concession contract also provides for investments v strengthening the airport’s capacity when it reaches five million passengers a year. According to the contract v the Croatian budget on the basis of the concession fee v paid in just under two billion euros over three decades.

Croatia Airlines v problems

Air traffic in Croatia has so far been most dependent on the airlines of the national carrier Croatia Airlines. It is expected that low-cost airlines will arrive at Zagreb Airport v an even worse position put the Croatian carrier, which is v air remained with extensive state aid.

The company is kept in the air by state aid.  Photo: Reuters

The company is being held in the air by state aid. Photo: Reuters

They ended 2020 with a loss of 358.2 million kuna (about 48 million euros). With this, they greatly deepened the loss from 2019, which amounted to 79.4 million kuna. In December last year, the Croatian government approved 600 million kuna (about 80 million euros) in state aid to Croatia Airlines. Of this, HRK 350 million is earmarked for the recapitalization, and the rest is a loan.

Ryanair will “attack” Croatia Airlines for announcing several weekly connections with London, Brussels, Frankfurt and some other European cities, v which is also regularly operated by a Croatian carrier, which otherwise counts mainly on passengers who do not want to fly with Ryanair. This one flies on secondary airports v cities connecting them with Zagreb, or v smaller airports v their proximity.

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