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What saved a Formula 1 racer’s life in a horrific accident? #video

At Sunday’s Formula 1 race, we witnessed the horrific accident of racer Romain Grosjean, which he fortunately took away with only minor burns to his arms and ankles. Many racers were shocked by the footage, and all are aware of what saved the Frenchman’s life.

Bahrain GP accident


A horrific accident interrupted the Bahraini Grand Prix: a #video miracle happened




Haas racer, Frenchman Romain Grosjean, crashed violently into a metal guardrail on Sunday’s race after just a few turns after the start of the race, and his car was later engulfed in flames. Grosjean jumped out of the burning car on his own and was not seriously injured. After a good hour, the race continued, and the British Lewis Hamilton was looking forward to the victory.

He was against the Halo system, but it saved his life

A few hours after the accident, Romain called from the hospital and the video shows that he has folded palms. By doing so, he let it be known that he would not be able to hold the phone in his hands for some time, and in this way thanked him for all the encouraging messages. “Hello, I want to tell you that I’m fine… Well, in a way okay. Thank you all for all the messages,” Grosejan said. He admitted that he was against the Halo security system a few years ago, but today he is aware that without it, he would most likely not be among us today.

Hello system

The Halo system was first tested by the FIA ​​in 2016, and since the 2018 season it has been mandatory on F1 race cars. It consists of a protective bow around the racer’s head, which is attached to the structure of the car at three points. It is made of titanium and weighs nine kilograms. It must withstand a force of 125 kilotons, equivalent to a mass of 12 tonnes. This is currently the strongest or strongest component of the F1 car.

Although the security system initially encountered negative responses, it has already saved several lives or at least severe injuries. Last year to Charles Leclerc (he would be hit by the “flying” McLaren of Fernando Alonso in Belgium), last year in the accident of Alex Peroni in a Formula 3 race and last time yesterday in the accident of Romain Grosjean. (Gregor Pavšič)

Ross Brawn: An in-depth analysis will be needed

Ross Brawn, the director of Formula 1, is one of those who believe the Frenchman’s Halo system most likely saved his life. Despite the happy ending, Brawn has certain concerns. “No doubt we’re going to have to do an in-depth analysis because a few things shouldn’t happen.”

“Above all, the fire was worrying, breaking the barrier as well. I think the positive thing is the safety of the car. Without a doubt, Halo is the one who saved the day and Romain,” Brawn said after the race.

Lewis Hamilton was also one of those shocked by Sunday’s crash.

Lewis Hamilton was also one of those shocked by Sunday’s crash.
Photo: Gulliver / Getty Images

Hamilton was also shocked

Other racers were shocked by the crash, including race winner Lewis Hamilton. “It looked shocking. Every time I sit in a race car, I realize I’m taking a risk. I respect all the dangers that this sport brings. I posted this on Twitter already during the race,” said the Briton, who stressed that very grateful that the Halo system worked.

The security guards did an outstanding job.

The security guards did an outstanding job.
Photo: Reuters

The Haas team leader thanked all the security guards

Guenther Steiner, the Haas team leader, will talk to Grosjean on Monday about a possible return to the tracks. Decisions on who will drive in Bahrain next week have not yet been made.

“When you see something like that, you just think, ‘I hope we’re lucky.’ “You don’t think about how it happened or anything. I want to thank all the security guards. They did a great job as they pulled him out of the fire in a matter of seconds. It’s amazing what they did,” Haas’s first husband said.

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