The Maribor women in the final series in the real marathon!


At the first match, Nova KBM Branka's volleyball team finished 1st DOL in Nova Gorica with 3: 2 defeated domestic GEN-I Volley and led the final series. The billing, which was really a real promotion for Slovenian women's volleyball, lasted boldly in two hours. The second match will be on Tuesday in Maribor.

The first game was with interesting, at times high quality volleyball and a lot of reversals. The winners decided little, but more happiness and concentration were at the end of the guard Bruna Najdiča, who are hunting the 16th and 3rd consecutive titles. Hosts, who in the fifth set reliably managed, also had their chance, even 9: 4 and 10: 5, but they wasted high priority and allowed the guests to eliminate the advantage of the home court.

"It was a tough game, but it was an important first win. The series just got started and that's why we have to continue with a good deal and prepare for the Tuesday match in Maribor," she said after the game Iza Mlakar, which reached 32 points. The last one in the match for 20:18 in the fifth set.

Who will be the national champion in the girls?

  • GEN-I Volley

  • Nova KBM Branik

The Kamnik women barely escaped

Volleyball Calcite Volley and SIP Champion are ranked third in the national championship. The first match in Kamnik was won home, after a turn they won 3: 2. The finals are played in three victories, while the third place finishes on two.

1. DOL, women, finishing:


First game:

Friday, April 12th:
GEN-I Volley: Nova KBM Branik 2: 3 (-23, 15, -10, 23, -18)
Lipicer Samec 20, Ščuka 16, Grudina 12; Mlakar 32, Sobočan 13, Pintar 12.
Match report

Second game:

Tuesday, April 16:
18.15 Nova KBM Branik – GEN-I Volley

Third game:

Friday, April 19:
20.00 GEN-I Volley – Nova KBM Branik

A possible fourth game:

Tuesday, April 23:
17.00 Nova KBM Branik – GEN-I Volley

A possible fifth game:

Friday, April 26:
20.00 GEN-I Volley – Nova KBM Branik

For 3rd place:

First game:

Friday, April 12th:
Calcit Volley : SIP Šempeter 3: 2 (-18, -26, 23, 14, 7)

Second game:

Wednesday, April 17:
18.00 SIP Champion – Calcit Volley

A possible third game:

Wednesday, April 24:
20.00 Calcit Volley – SIP Champion

Today's volleyball national champions:

1991/1992 Paloma Branik
1992/1993 Paloma Branik
1993/1994 Abes Trade Celje
1994/1995 Bank Austria Bled
1995/1996 Infond Branik
1996/1997 Kemiplas Koper
1997/1998 Infond Branik
1998/1999 Infond Meltal
1999/2000 Infond Meltal
2000/2001 Nova KBM Meltal
2001/2002 Nova KBM Branik
2002/2003 Hit Nova Gorica
2003/2004 Sweet Sins Ljubljana
2004/2005 Sweet Sins Ljubljana
2005/2006 TPV Novo mesto
2006/2007 Hit Nova Gorica
2007/2008 Hit Nova Gorica
2008/2009 Nova KBM Branik
Calcite Volleyball
2010/2011 Nova KBM Branik
2011/2012 Nova KBM Branik
2012/2013 Nova KBM Branik
2013/2014 Nova KBM Branik
Calcio Volleyball
2015/2016 Calcit Volleyball
2016/2017 Nova KBM Branik
2017/2018 Nova KBM Branik

Nova KBM Branik


Defenders of the title after the drama until the first victory in the finals


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