Thursday , July 29 2021

Sharet against the conversion of history Журнал24

Prime Minister Marjan Šarec reminded that the 20th century in the history of humanity was considered a very bloody century, which produced two world wars and a series of other post-war conflicts.

The alteration of history leads to difficulties, so we recognize once again that the national liberation struggle during the Second World War was the only one that was internationally recognized by the Western allies. At today's ceremony, on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the memory of one hundred Franciscan victims in Grabna, The Prime Minister said Marjan Šarec.

"Today's gift is intended for hundreds of victims who gave their lives practically at the end of the Second World War, which makes it all the more senseless to humans" he said and warned that war can begin, it is harder to end, and even when it is finished, leaving scars, wounds and suffering of memories for centuries.

"We will never allow the NOB to become inferior"

Therefore, it is all the more painful for him to turn history back when some wonder why they resisted and why they did not want to wait for others to do it for us. Sharec rejects this, believing that every citizen is obliged to step together at such moments and fight for the freedom of his people.

"Therefore, we will never allow the national liberation struggle, despite such attempts, to become inferior. It was precisely what the name stands for, the national liberation struggle, with all its errors and all its crimes," said the Prime Minister, who is convinced that the NOB was, although the war is not something pleasant, and that people are doing animal work, or something more serious, but a magnificent and honorable act for the liberation of the homeland.

In spite of post-war events, when there were also some sort of mischief, there can be no dilemma "or the death of fascism or go to church". According to him, both are needed, since no religion in its essence teaches bad things.

To fight for the freedom of his people, he is and will always be a honorable act, he added and emphasized that, without a doubt, in the Second World War, the Nobel Peace Prize was the one who then ranked us among the winners, even after the war caused crimes. "We have already admitted that long ago, while some never acknowledge that collaboration is nowhere and never acceptable," said Sharec.

"We Need Patriotism"

He added that even naivety could be a big mistake, so we should not be naive. Today, we still need the Slovenian Army and patriotism, as well as the awareness that we are Slovenes and Slovenes, and that if something similar would happen again, we would come together again and fight for a free Slovenia, as in 1991, when we finally get their own country.

"Today, we have it and not destroy it every day with unnecessary quarrels about who carries a star and who does not. The star was at the time a symbol of the fight and today it can not be changed, even if it was retried by a hundred and a hundred," the Prime Minister made an address.

This year, 74 years have passed since members of the German occupying army on February 12, 1945 took hundreds of prisoners from the Celje, Trubar and Maribor prisons and chose the worst sentence for them – death by hanging. Occupied soldiers retaliated for the partisan ambush in the Tesno gorge, in which one of the most important Nazi officials fell on February 2, 1945, Celje district leader and regional councilor Anton Dorfmeister.

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