Rather than alone with the wrong people


The brilliant musician Briljantina is very mature despite 19 years of age and has a good feeling for people at the same time. "In high school I realized that I do not have to be with all my friends and that I feel comfortable with people I do not need to make an impression," says Sasha, which in exactly the same relaxed spirit reminds us of the first meeting with his boyfriend, the musician Alexom Volaskom.

In addition to music, Alex also links love to animals. The cute swimmer Biba was making the company, and they had a bird before her.

He invited her to coffee in order to agree on cooperation, but then it turned into a couple of minutes, chat continued through SMS messages, and immediately the next day they saw each other again. "He is one of those with whom the energy easily gets out, and everything has gone extremely fast," says Sasa.

Now, the couple is already a good year. She also quickly became close to a Brilliantine teammate Luke Markus, who is her trusted partner and an exceptional friend, together are now also featured in TV spots for Mass Store stores.


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