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Local elections: What must Ptuj have of golden eggs?


The evening confrontation of nine mayoral candidates highlighted untapped tourist opportunities, one of which is hidden in a wine barrel. It is also controversial about Perutnina, the largest employer in the wider Ptuj area, which also affects the quality of the city's environment.

At the time when he talked with Ptujans who opposed the announced katalp logging at the town's market, he knew that they would fall, he revealed at Večer's confrontation of candidates for mayors Gorazd Oreshek, The Ptuj List, which also agreed with the removal: "With the assurance that we will plant even more young trees in the market after the renovation." It will be placed on enough entrepreneurial citizens who will recognize the challenges and opportunities in the reconstruction of the city, which extends all the way to the Drava River. There are such ones, right Rajko Fajt, SDS, were realized with the reconstruction of the old barracks, where, among other things, the Elektro and computer school, where the headmaster moved, The future of Ptuj is seen in conjunction with the environment.

The evening's confrontation is followed by publications of public opinion polls for the municipal municipalities of the Slovenska part of Slovenia, and also for Ptuj. Follow the evening even in the coming week, which will indicate before the elections which candidates are most convinced.

The development of the city is not (never) random

The evening's confrontation also revealed that the renovation of the Ptuj market, which, after many peripeties with the selection of the contractor, is now under way, is supported by everyone, but the views on the action itself are still different. So Štefan Čelan, List of Mayor dr. Štefan Čelan, predicts that if he returns to the town hall as a re-elected mayor, he will first check the financial side of the project, and he is also convinced that a parking house should be built under the market. Нюшка Гайшек, SD: "We need city bus traffic, if we want to drive less cars in the city, to bring in all the neighborhood communities and to provide safe school routes." Robert Krizanic, Youth Party – Green Europe, the traffic jam appears unrealistic at the moment, and the question of what his Institute Povod did for Ptuj, however, replies that the place for cooperation with them has not shown any interest. Urban revival in the city's full prison can not be seen either Janez Rozmarin, NSi: "The construction of roads and sidewalks for cycling routes and other infrastructure is our obligation as well as the revival of the Turnišče castle complex." Andrej Čuš, List of Andrej Čuša, puts it to cooperation: "Our Ptuj stagnates for the past sixteen years. It's the last time to do anything." In the first part of the confrontation, when the mayor's candidates are journalists Хойки Берлич they answered why they are suitable for the mayor of Ptuj Dejan Dokl, SMC, recalled his work at the pensioner's home in Ptuj: "So successful as we were at home then, we can manage the municipality as well." Igor Majnik, who grew up on the streets of old Ptuj, is convinced that "we can not close the city, but it is necessary to invite people to him and to make sure that everything is happening. Ptuj must become a museum in small numbers."

Black script for Poultry?

We also asked the candidates about their view of the role of Perutnina (PP) and what they consider about the announced Ukrainian takeover. Celan replied: "We must be aware that the PP distributes bread to tens of thousands of people. If it happens that is predicted, we can expect the Ukrainian buyer into the EU market to place its surplus products in the bags of Perutnina Ptuj. the country and our city. So I appeal to all state institutions and the PP to continue negotiations with the French partner. " Križanič believes that the role of Perutnina in the local community is controversial: "At the same time, it is the main driver of development, it provides services to the majority of the population, enables the cultivation of the land and the greatest self-sufficiency. If you are a shareholder, you are happy if you are a manager, you can be very satisfied then you work for a minimum, of course you can not be satisfied. " Regarding the Ukrainian takeover: "I am very worried, and therefore local politics must go through this process together with the state, and this immediately." For Oreška, PP is a "great social partner of a municipality and a citizen, definitely would have to get more than just minimum wages." As mayor, he wants to set up a dialogue: "I have been in contact with her leadership several times, but now the relevant information on takeover needs to be obtained from the management."

Igor Majnik on the dispute with the former director of Perutnina and the current mayor: "I am convinced that the Ptujci in some way approve my actions."
Janez Rozmarin: "We are hiding the largest wine barrel in front of the public, and it is possible to sit and sleep in it."
Gorazd Oreshek: "Not at the mayor to open shops!"
Štefan Čelan: "If you lived in the middle of a city like me, then you would understand why we need a garage house."
Robert Križanič: "Ptuj could be a living museum. A cultural tourist transversal should be made around the city."
Andrej Čuš: "A youth house should be included in the renovation of the Old Town."
Нюшка Гайшек: "We need a committee for urban marketing."
Dejan Dokl: "Urban decrees that inhibit development will need to change."
Rajko Fajt: "The most critical of critics, you know, nothing is happening in the city."

What can be influenced at all?

Fat estimated that the mayor and city councilors of direct influence on business and strategic decisions of the management of the company do not have: "We can influence their impact on the environment and encroach on the environment. I do not approve of the acceptance of the Ukrainians, but the local community did not have any influence at the takeover of the company It's gray when the Poultry is still run by Ptuj and it's hard to have it now. "

According to Dokl, with the darkest scenario, ie moving and abolishing PP production at the Ptuj location, "in the city, they would have to be prepared in a way that would have plenty of land available for new investments, and already look for new opportunities to attract them Ptuj ". However, the black script should be added to Dokl, "in any case, stop with all possible means". Čuš is also worried about what is happening: "The worst is that hardworking people are experiencing great distress. They recently fired hundreds of workers and replaced them with others. The local community should be loud and the country should send clear messages about the rights of its employees. Here, local politics must definitely come in contact with the state, and both can do more than ever. "

Candidate Rozmarin reminds us of past acquisitions: "We have seen Mercator's case, what happened after the takeover, and only now is the full dimension of the consequences. Here, it should be loud when warning against similar scenarios." Since most of the PP facilities on the Breg and Turnišče, from where they come from, the PP was visiting for environmental impacts and smear. "I think that the administration is quite well able to work together, as long as there was not enough contact with them," he said.

Poultry, not the city of Perutnina

"The poultry has been harsh:" Poultry has 360 million turnover and 15 million profits, created primarily for low-paid workers. It is not enough that, in addition to exhausting its employees, it pollutes the environment, so it has to give something back to the city. percent of its employees at the minimum, it's a bad company for me. As for the takeover, I have the information that the interested owner owns only 760 million euros of traffic, so I am sure that Perutnina is not destined to destroy it. "

Geyshkova is convinced that it is not on politics to "interfere with how they will manage in Poultry". However, the connection of the local environment with it is important: "PP is influenced by how the environment will live by preserving jobs and the quality of living in the community." However, as regards the ownership of the company: "If the new owner is already coming, it is clear that he will get the one who offers the most. It is our task to achieve, together with the state policy, investing in development and paying decent people. to remain under the auspices of EU owners, as this will also guarantee the quality control of products. " In the controversy, Celan drew attention to the responsibility of the state: "The first owner was a country that only worsened matters. Together with the banks, it forced the sale of the company, and from the 40 million purchase, 30 million were taken by the bank, the company has only ten million left for development First of all, state policy should finally be wise. " Krizanic complained to Fajt that the thesis about non-interference with politics in Perutnina is "a typical position of the establishment". Fayt replied: "I do not believe that local politicians can convince anyone that they can not sell, but do not get blinded." The pike was discussed by the Maynik with the statement: "For every owner, Perutnina is a golden egg and also a city from it must necessarily have something. Due to my very strong social sense, I will announce it immediately in the PP and I will be accepted, believe me."

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