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It does not make sense to boast too much, if only for a handful of lucky ones! – Techno Star

Marjan Kodelja

February 8, 2019 at 6:03 am

Too often, it happens to be widely and widely promised,
what works and how great it is, then you come across details that
they are not nearly as good as you expected. It makes sense to persuade the buyer to buy,
the user to use it, since most then swallow badly in spite of dissatisfaction

An old acquaintance wrote on Facebook that he is disappointed with the possibility of paying with Garmin's watch. Well, because the service or the clock would be poor, but because the issuer of the only certified debit card, Petrol's mBills, promised what is not entirely true or can be interpreted differently. They announced that they made a connection for Sberbank customers, each with at least one three classes of basic Schools understand that mBills does not have to be charged for the account, as all spending will be debited by a bank account. It turns out that it does not hold completely. In spite of the link, as the user sees the status of a bank account, the account needs to be charged because it is supposed to be their business policy. Of course, they did not hang on a big bell before.

Unfortunately, I can not talk about Garmin Pay, without having to stop at long and wide (again) at mBills, because they are only because their cards are in fact issued by a foreign bank, they support it. My opinion on the service is clear and has not changed to the present. Everything is nice and right, there are many things that are good or interesting in it, but when I remember that the account needs to be recharged regularly, interest is being mine. Because I want all my money in one account, but not scattered around the world as a Gypsy, I would not use Urbane if it was not the only option for paying a city bus. But if I'm forced to walk a little more because of an empty urban area, it is at best good for health, but what if there is an empty bill on mBills, and do not have any other means of payment with you? Not pleasant, believe it!

Garmin Pay is an "electronic wallet" at their time when Apple, Google and Samsung are on their devices. It is probably extraordinary to add them, we can not use the Slovenian users of these three, because every card issuing bank has to execute on its own page what it is commanded to ask the owners of the "wallet" to add it among the supported banks. This is one big nonsense, but it would not be better if it were just one, because it is in fact just a set of program code lines that supports the operation of the device with the NFC interface. But not if the bank wants to be friendly to customers, the bank must conclude an agreement with each provider of the electronic wallet, which is a service to all Slovenian banks that none of us will be deprived of. The mission is impossible, you can not imagine what the usability of the free payment and debit cards would be if the bank had to accept the deal with each of the retail chains separately, and we should check where we can pay and where not. Close to zero.

We're going back to Garmin Pay. If, or when you have a supported card, its entry in the Connect application on a smartphone is just as easy as plugging the card into the wallet and leather materials that belong to it. Then the card data is taken over by the clock, and the access to it is protected with a four-digit PIN code. After entering this watch on the screen, it displays a small thumbnail of the card, if there are more than one in it, you can select the desired one between them, and then the clock only approaches the wireless payment terminal. The same way, for example, the clients of NLB Bank do with their electronic wallet or as we do all of us with impersonal cards.

The ability to pay with a sports watch may even make more sense than with the phone. If we can do this with ourselves, we can also have a wallet or cash. But I'm afraid of being limited to only one hour provider; I prefer models of another maker and I'm already worried about what will happen when it also makes its payment service and the fact that it's not a wallet in which any card can be inserted, not that the issuing bank should therefore mingle with the finger. My question is next. Why does Mastercard, Visa, Amex and any other department do everything necessary to make the cards compatible with all electronic wallets? I believe that they have many reasons, of which they certainly are also weighty and I understand them as a technology expert. I do not understand and are not interested in me as a user, especially during this time, when everything is focused on simple and quick solutions. Do they really think that we will change banks and device makers because they will or will not allow mobile payments?

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