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Are these the first official photos of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10?


From the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is much expected.From the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is much expected.

As the business smartphone of the Galaxy Note 9 is slightly lagging behind for competition, Samsung will soon be offered a decent successor sale. We are talking about the Galaxy Note 10, which will be officially launched on August 7 this year, as part of Samsung's dedicated conference. Knowers are convinced that the novelty needs to be deducted more than for the Note 9 model, which many do not like and the high price will be justified by Samsung using six pixel sensors and providing support for the 5G mobile network.

For more demanding users, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (formerly known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro) will be especially interesting, as it will be equipped with extremely powerful hardware and interesting design. Recently revealed photographs of the novelties indicate that the novelty will be equipped with a slightly more "square" housing, and an increasingly unpopular notch will replace the hole in the screen, which, unlike the Galaxy S10, will be placed in the center of the screen at the top. On the last page, the main change is the authenticity of the four digital cameras, which should be taken to capture top-notch photos unprecedentedly, in all circumstances.

The most powerful model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ should have a 17.1-inch or 6.75-inch 4K / UHD resolution screen. As mentioned above, on the middle screen (at the top) we will find a single high-definition webcam, while the edges of the screen will be extremely thin. This in practice means that despite the large screen, the device will be relatively compact and will easily be easily collected by some more demanding users. The smaller Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be equipped with a 16-inch or 6.28-inch high definition display.

It is not yet known whether the novelty will still have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, although its interest is lower every day. Because the AMOLED screen will have the new features, it will most likely offer an advanced fingerprint reader that will be located directly below the screen. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ for the European market will also be equipped with the Samsung Exynos 9820 mobile processor (also available with the Snapdragon 855 processor), with up to 12 gigabytes of system memory and built-in memory with up to one terabyte of storage space. More on the novelty will be announced on August 7 this year, as it will be officially presented within the framework of the special Samsun event.

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