All products and services that Google has killed @ Slo-Tech


It's Ales stated:

Sometimes the old product is so well established that we can not replace it, even though the alternatives are better. Modern e-mail is a typical example of a defective product, which Google Inbox could not crawl because it is too widespread.

Sori, but I absolutely can not agree with this. This alone would make it impossible for Google to succeed in … … e-mail ….

I do not know if Google Inbox was a direct experiment in this direction. I see him as an attempt to avantgarde e-mail client, which nobody liked too much because he made some things up to the level of complete debilism. That's it. That I do not even go into privacy and data processing. Anyway, it was as useful as it used to be in Gmail and Hello.

Gmail itself is a big enough fuck from various aspects, thank God that they (yet) failed to destroy open e-mail protocols as such.

That's right, we need to use protocols that everyone can use, google, and centralize their alternatives to their perverse ecosystem (AMP anyone?). It's quite funny how uninvited are the little ones today, let's take a look at what are mainfraimi, what is it? CompuServ, and how the users were picked up for the purpose of centralization ($ 5 / hour), which resulted in the rise of PCs and a decentralized system, which is now known as the Internet. Since backing up back to such a situation, where one company has virtually the entire internet for hostages is straightforward crazy.

On that list, privacy and intellect would be placed above.


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