According to estimates, a third of the world's population is infected with tuberculosis


Before the World Tuberculosis Day, the European Commission drew attention to the dangers caused by tuberculosis and the importance of prevention and joint efforts to cope with this disease. Although 30 people are diagnosed every 30 hours in Europe with tuberculosis, a positive trend in declining cases of illness is generally observed in most countries.

However, efforts must be stepped up to achieve an 80% reduction in tuberculosis cases by 2030 compared to 2015. The EU and its Member States are working to eliminate AIDS and tuberculosis epidemics by 2030 and to crush hepatitis and other communicable diseases in line with the goal of sustainable development in the field of health, the European Commission reported.

Controlled treatment is the most reliable strategy that contributes to the successful completion of treatment and reduces the possibility of developing resistant forms of tuberculosis. On the World Day of Tuberculosis, the head of the nurses and medical technicians in pulmonology department Maruša Ahačič explained that the situation in the field of treatment of tuberculosis patients in Slovenia is specific because healthcare workers are confronted with patients from vulnerable groups such as elderly people, alcoholics, addicts prohibited substances and refugees and migrants.

"Due to refugee and migrant issues, we are facing new challenges, with tuberculosis patients arising from a different socio-cultural environment. It is necessary to find new communication pathways – also with NGOs and volunteers – and place it at the center of treatment of individual patients with tuberculosis and not health system itself, "stressed Ahacic.

The World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated on March 24th, as on this day in 1882 Robert Koch announced that he has discovered a bacterium that causes tuberculosis.

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