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Wonderful image: Famous roots, magical Charlotte Gainsbourg and Gallagher with no more powerful feelings


The tour began in a great style – a gift to Jar Filip, and the second night was dominated by the hip-hop legend The Roots. Brittle Charlotte Gainsbourg surpassed the fake rocker Liam Gallagher. The three-day music marathon is again surprised.

Pieta also plays wild conditions on a punk burner. Concerts are sung from the first to the last song. Applause, which lasts long after the lights turn off on the stage.

A thousand crowds kneeling on the ground raise their hands to the sky and jump out in one common moment. Wheelchair riding over the heads of a dance audience.

The debates were divided into the last place, the viewing of contemporary fine arts and the demonstration of fashionable Slovak creativity.

These are just a few pictures related to the 23rd edition of the biggest art festival under the Slovak sky.

Even without one of the headliners – the pop miracles of Lykke Li – Pohoda 2019, she confirmed that the magic of the festival at Trenčín Airport is not in big names, but in strong stories. This year, too, the basic component of the Pohoda atmosphere was built on the natural harmony of 30,000 masses and exceptional – not just musical – experiences.

The first day in Slovak tones

The trip confirmed that he did not forget. The opening concert of the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra was dedicated to the memory of David Horney, who died during the festival packaging in 2006, and the victim of the tragic fall of the tent 2009 – Martin Kasak and Nikola Kapkova. The tragedy ten years ago almost ended well-being.

"The main message is hope. I am very happy to meet this message when you are here, "thanked the audience Michal Kaščák, Head of the Poet, who filled the auditorium with a blue top to the last place. A similar story repeated several times from Thursday to Saturday, with over 30,000 visitors selected by more than 120 artists from 31 countries around the world.

Thursday brought the first three-day marathon. Milan Lasica and his companion hypnotized the Trenčín airport with the cult. Many Slovak artists changed the stage, just like the alternative to Jule Satinski. And everyone pushed the legendary expression.

"It's amazing when somebody thanked you for fulfilling your dream and having the chance to sing with Maestro Lasic in the Hike. We had eleven," said Pohoda's boss and singer Bez Ladu from the accord Milan Lasic after his 79-year-old artist. Thank you in an hour.

"You care more than I," Lasica dismissed.

A brief summary of the opening evening of the Tour can not be closed without Steam. For years, one of the best concerts in Slovakia proves that he is not only able to dance, but also to spread the audience. And from the first to the last song. Even under the blue top on Sporck stage, it was even fifteen minutes after the clock officially ended and the lights went out on the stage.

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The other day in the hip-hop rhythm

The 23rd edition of the headliner was confirmed by The Roots. Co-founder of the hip-hop legend Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter performed precisely the Raper's control and took his position with his spontaneous energy.

The indispensable repertoire of Tariq Trotter was accompanied by many brilliant musicians, masterful not only of his instruments, but also of the audience. The remixes of the rappers were exchanged by top soloists, and the greatest critics and music experts were also satisfied.

The "Power to Pepel" choir was a clear response of the audience to an energetic full, more than a one-hour performance.

While The Roots was a long-time dream of the organizers of the Pohoda, the next one did not materialize – the pop diva Lykke Li did not come. The reason was canceled.

Nevertheless, Trencin Airport was having fun. All that can be mentioned is the concerts by Michael Kiwanuka, Lianne La Havas, Free Europe, Medial Banana, Fak, Death Grips or substitutes for Lykke Li – British Sink Ya Teeth.

Atmospheres at the Roots of the Goat 2019.
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The third day with extraordinary women

Although the third day's leader was a poor boyfriend of the British rock, Liam Gallagher, the Trencin airport was fascinated by the fragile French-British artist Charlotte Gainsbourg. The daughter of French rebel Serge Gainsbourg and British actress Jane Birkin showed that Lars von Trier's films are not only a deadly femme but also a brilliant musician.

The magical artist stood in front of the audience in jeans, jeans jackets and white shirts, framed in minimalist black and white backgrounds. Together with four musicians, she created an exceptional musical experience.

Liam Gallagher has confirmed the reputation of a non-styled rock star with a rough vocabulary that perfectly master music and can not be cleaned. Apart from the complete lack of emotion. Simply accurate Gallagherian style.

The Women's Orchestra from Afghanistan – Zohra – has brought magical musical power that knows no boundaries and helps fight women's rights at the Trenčín airport. While Slovakia celebrates 30 years of freedom, Afghan artists have studied music among their families and the country among the first in the last thirty years.

Zohra has shown that music related to an extraordinary story can push the rules and break my bells.

Charlotte Gainsbourg at the Poirot 2019
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Liam Gallagher on the Pohoda 2019
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Prekvapenia Pohody

American violinist and singer-songwriter. Her exceptional combination of R & B vocals, hip-hop rhythms and North African violin motifs and numbers has already been praised by Pitchfork, The New York Times, The Guaradian and NPR Music, and our media has already noticed this.

The biggest holiday of art under the Slovak sky is known to bring some surprises every year. Usually they are printed in small letters, but they provide the biggest festival experience.

Among them is the American singer and violinist Sudan archive, who learned to play violin at elementary school. Ebony beauty in a refined costume has hypnotized the audience on stage Europa.

The Wilderness, a punk group from Trnava, also showed an incredible performance. Through its texts on gender equality or the critique of racism and fascism, the audience earned harsh ovations. On the stage there were also traditional punk dance creations, gossip and uncontrolled movements.

Epilogue 2019

Well-being is not only in music, but also in good food, passionate debates, theater and literature, hundreds of volunteers and random meetings.

Although at the Trenčín Airport, where he sang and danced for a three-day marathon of music and art during the weekend, he was mostly under the cloud, with occasional showers and the last storm, the festival did not throw him out of the rhythm.

Time, such as Lykke Li wonders, tips on toi-toi, food and beer, and self-inflicted singers who awakened the night, did not spoil the most valuable things the Pohoda has: a strong story, a nose for excellent music and intense echoes.

The hiking experience is long after the closing of the festival door.

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Bazz came from the stage among people
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Enter the Bazzokas bus
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photos in the gallery

Source: Ištok

photos in the gallery

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