What will spring and summer be in 2019?


Lenka got a bronze on the lake in the city park in Lučenec.

Pavel Faško, Climatologist of the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, is one of the most renowned and reputable experts in our country. We were wondering what was the weather and what was happening to the climate.

You have a rich experience in meteorology. How has trade changed?

"My many years of experience are from climatology, which is related to meteorological science discipline, both closely related. The period at the end of the 20th century and in the 21st century was marked by the use of very intensive new approaches in the work of meteorologists and climatologists. use methods that have accelerated the process of meteorological data processing, and the automation of meteorological measurements is constantly moving.

Remember how you were preparing your first weather forecast?

"I have been working in the Slovak Hydro-meteorological Institute (SHMÚ) from the very beginning in the field of climatological services, not in the field of meteorological forecasts and warnings, so I do not forecast directly, but in 1984 I spent the basic military service at a military airport in Czech Republic. These were special conditions, for example, weather reports were broadcast every morning and more often in difficult weather conditions. "


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