VIDEO ŠKANDÁL v zápase Brazílie: The result was decided at a very controversial moment!


How many times did we see him in this position?
How many times did we see him in this position?

LONDON – Brazil's soccer champions have beaten 1-0 over the Uruguayan team at an intergovernmental preparatory meeting in London on Friday. The winner of the five world champions decided in the 76th minute that Neymar was a shooter. Chief referee Craig Pawson has fined Danilo. The Uruguayan players protested strongly and blamed the Brazilian defender for the simulation.

"Unfortunately, when the controversial situation is decided by the fate of the meeting, the judge who refused the sentence," After the meeting, Uruguay coach Óscar Tabárez.

The Brazilian team attributed its fifth victory over its account. In the meetings, "Canaries" had territorial dominance, but failed to create many opportunities. The attacker of the French club Paris. Germain Neymar was able to score the 11 – 1 goal, but his finish was then deflected. Uruguay reached the third prize. The double world champions had a tremendous opportunity to take the lead before Neymar's punishment. Luis Suárez of FC Barcelona is on the edge of the ball, but Alissona's goal in Brazil was pushed over his shoulder.

Twenty-four-year-old Alisson is also great in the first half when he exhibited a dangerous volleyball Edinson Cavani. In the attack he and Suarez were introduced for the first time after the eighth World Championship in Russia. Cavani reached two goals in a 2-1 win over Portugal, but did not end up injuries. His absence due to the failure in the next quarter-finals against France was visible.

Brazilian coach Tita expressed satisfaction with his defense team, which did not diminish at the World Championships in Russia since the quarter-final loss against Belgium. After meeting with Uruguay, he praised the competitors, especially Cavani. "It's very difficult to defend and create a space for Suarez," Tita said. His team will be presented in Milton Keynes, north of London, where another friendly match against Cameroon is expected on Tuesday, November 20th. Uruguay on the same day will measure forces with France to Stade de France in Paris Saint-Denis.

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