Two divers were surprised by the giant creature, looks like a marine worm


The filaments are made up of hundreds of beings.

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It looks like a great foreign sea worm, whose body is thicker than a human. This eight meter "sea worm" is actually no animal.

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It is called the flame, and this is a huge colony with hundreds of thousands of smaller nubs. Individual beings connect and share the tissues of their bodies. The resulting colony can be several meters long.

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The eight-meter colony in the video was seen by two cameramen during a dive on the New Zealand volcano island.

"I've always wanted to see one," said one of Steve Hathaway's dive teams in Washington Post.

Ocean fires in the ocean are largely determined by marine currents and waves. It can also be driven by a drive drive.

Pumpkin sucking water with a plankton that feeds it. Water radiates the colony inside the hollow body, then exits from one of the last openings.


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