The prevalence of influenza and ARO in the Banskobystrický region has increased


This year's incidence of acute respiratory diseases is 11% higher.

Flu and acute respiratory disease was this week in the Banskobystrický region. Epidemiologists of the Regional Public Health Authority (RÚVZ) in Banská Bystrica compared to the previous week recorded an almost 11% increase in acute respiratory diseases (ARO). Of these diseases, almost 12% of influenza cases and similar illnesses (CHPO) were compared to the previous week.

"Compared to the same period last year, this year's ARO prevalence is 11 percent and CHPO is up to 85 percent," said Maria Tolnay, a spokeswoman for the department.

In general, doctors in the Banskobystrický region reported 46,431 patients at the ARO in the 46th calendar week, which is a morbidity of almost 1430 people per 100,000 inhabitants in the care of doctors who reported this week. Infections and related diseases occurred in 379 cases, with a morbidity of more than 112 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The highest number of patients with ARO in absolute numbers is in Lučenec, Zvolen, Banská Bystrica and Revúca districts. Influenza and similar diseases are most common in the districts Lučenec, Poltár, Banská Bystrica and Banská Štiavnica.

In the age group of economically active population, primary school pupils and the youngest children aged up to five years, the absolute numbers of the ARO and CHPO illnesses are most affected in terms of age. The lowest incidence of these diseases is this time among the elderly.

In connection with the development of the disease, experts warn that it is still a good time to visit your first contact doctor and get vaccination.


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