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The Mars One project is finished. It's a bankruptcy


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Is this a smutná správa, or is it? Spoločnosť, ktorá chcela ľudskú rasu dostáť na povrch Marsu, musela prerušiť takmer všetky operácie. It's a bankruptcy.

Toto všetko with ale ujedvaja ostalo ešte in January, which is confirmed by a document, which is one of the ones with the help of the website Reddit.

What is the Mars One project?

It went to the podstate about the project, ktorého cieľom bolo colonize Mars. Mars One is painted on two occasions (honors). One pain an insignificant Mars One Foundation a tou druhou jej presný opak, Mars One Ventures.

Osud Mars One Ventures

Switzerland Ventures AG on January 15th, she was charged with the incident, which resulted in her arrival of the výšky až 100 miliónov dolárov (88 miliónov eur). On the other side, Mars One Ventures PLC, which has been registered in the United Kingdom, had no previous entry 20 tisíc dolárov (17 tisíc eur).

If she's on that undead?

What about the uncanny extravagance of the subject, about this information is not available in the press. Bas Lansdorp, the father of all muscles is still hard, but he is still in control, and he can not afford to do it without any investment.

Ciele tohto the project hurts slowly all the jeho existencie kontroverzné a mnohí o jeho realizácii pochybovali. If you can see it, this will cause the nevyzer to escape.

Veci sa ale mozu zmeniť. About new information from Mars One you will be notified.

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