The Attorney General's Office said: What was the release of hell and the departure of Shufliyar and Vanka


The public is well known for the legendary words of the state attorney general, who after the tragic murder in February last year said that he would start hell. "The words "about the release of hell", which he said at the time, "were misled," and the Prosecutor General regrets that they have become a symbol of ridicule, cynicism or hatred towards some, " Topka explained Prosecutor General Andrea Andrea.

Attorney General Jaromír Čižnár

Jaroslav Čižnár

Source: SITA / Diana Černáková

If Kuciak was murdered for his work, I will begin the devil here, promises Čižnár

According to the representative, Čižnár literally said: "If it was proven that this act was committed in connection with the work of a poor journalist and his companion, I will release hell. It's also hell to do everything possible to make it clear. ". At the same time, he adds that the prosecution has an important share in the status quo of this investigation.

"In a record time, within a few weeks (usually lasting half a year), an international investigation team was established, and Jaromír Čižnár personally participated in talks with foreign Eurojust. The investigative group, which was established in Slovakia, and which continues to work intensively to explain this murder, strengthened the international parts of the FBI or Europol through its assistance. " sales office on behalf of the General Prosecutor's Office.

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When farmers turned to the prosecutor's office

The prosecutor's office was also a shelter for farmers during the debate on the issue of harassment by several farmers. According to the prosecutor's office, those who accepted the representatives of self-employed farmers. "When the farmers disclose them after the meeting, they appreciated the reception and the approach of the state prosecutor general, who, as they say, "finally received, was interested in their problems and wanted to solve it." The management of the GP SR has already received representatives of self-employed farmers on four occasions. Several dozens of criminal proceedings are being conducted on several charges," The State Prosecutor's Office presented its opinion in response to Remisova's critical remark on portal.

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At the same time, shops added that they were active in the analysis of the last article by Ján Kuciak, who also talked about the allocation of agro-animations and examined dozens of files and instructions on how to start prosecution on the basis of this information. At the same time, she stressed that some prosecutors have human resources consequences.

Contributions by Vanek and Sufliarski

Given the fact that the Deputy Prosecutor General René Vank and the suspect have been ordered to release several suspects, Alena Zsuzsová and the first deputy Petr Šufliarski with Marián Kočner, who has already been charged with ordering the murder of journalist János Kuciak, was another change. The institution also commented on this.

Peter Šufliarsky, Jaromír Čižnár and René Vanek.

Discount Deputy State Prosecutor

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EXTERNAL ADMINISTRATION Šufliarsky ends due to text messages with Kočner

"As it was announced, he did not know (with Jaromir Čižnár) about the facts, he took over the initiative here again." René Vanek was deprived of his position as Deputy Prosecutor General for the criminal offense of Prosecutors " Sales said.

In addition, the store added that Čižnár invested more than 20 proposals for the disciplinary procedure in the first year after taking office. He has imposed disciplinary or other consequences for prosecutors who have failed. "Jaromír Čižnár began acting ex officio since he began to act. If he learned that a criminal offense could have been committed or there was a suspicion of illegality, it was the one who initiated the proceedings." (NB: Jaromír Čižnár reopened the case of L. Bašternák, who has been convicted and sentenced) explained the sale.

Prosecution under the leadership of Čižnář

According to information provided by the spokesman of the Prosecutor-General, several measures were taken after the arrival of Jaromír Čižnář. These include, for example, regular criminal investigations and their equipment every three months. "Immediately after the assumption of office (2013), the crime rate decreased by more than 20% in one year, while crimes more than 2 years decreased by more than 40%, while the crimes in three years decreased by more than 50% . By that time, several multi-year criminal cases had been completed, " maintains sales.

Jaromír Čižnár and Andrea Predajňová

The Attorney General's Office said: O

Source: Topky / Ján Zemiar

In addition, measures have been taken to enable prosecutors to appeal to the courts for their function and hence speed up court proceedings. "In the event of a criminal offense and the court did not solve the procedure within 6 months, the prosecutor filed a complaint against the inactivity of the judge. If there is a criminal offense and the court did not solve the procedure within a year, the prosecutor will file an appeal against the inactivity of the judge, " says a spokeswoman who adds that their body is actively involved in the so-called Tax Cobra and its appeal enabled legal anchoring of, for example, assassination.


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